Wednesday, 24 October 2012

WIP Wednesday - Workshop with Mandy Munroe :)

I have started my Amsterdam lap quilt for dear SIL :) and I started it today at the cutest little quilt shop in Rochester - Hometown at the best workshop I have been to in ages. I am soooooooo happy because (in no particular order):

1) A day off from work in the week is a luxury - and a whole day off to go quilting was just to die for

2) The other ladies in the workshop were delightful: friendly, funny and FAST!!

3) Mandy Munroe is a lovely teacher ... all the 'Is' - inspiring, interesting and inclusive- a Brit who lives in New York, so how lucky did we all feel to get to do a whole day's class with her? This is her 'Town Scape Quilt' - my photos really do not to it justice (her workmanship is sublime):

and the scrappy back:

There were 8 of us in the class - no beginners (though all the ladies were much more experienced than I!) which meant we could get straight on with it. So after, a great introduction from Mandy, we were off like racehorses at Aintree!

Although Mandy had given us a very comprehensive pattern, I knew I would be deviating (slightly) because I am inspired by this reminder of our holiday in September, so I went 'native':

and I made up my own measurements as we went along, whilst still following all the guidance and top tips. This is part of my first block (I won't show any more for now because dear SIL reads my blog):

And here is some of the stunning work the other ladies produced (sorry if I've mixed up your names and blocks):

Pascale (she was FAST!):






Ann (she was fast too and talks to herself - glad I'm not the only one!):

Lessons learned:

1) Stop using steam, start using starch
2) How to free-form curve (for gabled roof-top)
3) Use cutting board lines and ruler together when squaring up

I have had a wonderful day - I met some lovely ladies and have started a new project. Hope you've had a good day too.

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  1. Such fabulous work - your quilt is going to be so beautiful! Love the idea of using an inspiration photo too.

  2. Love the teacher's one, really atmospheric :)

  3. Oh,wow! That's gonna be fab!

  4. Oh isn't Amsterdam beautiful....I'd love to go back!
    lovely work, it sounds like a great day. Isn't if fun to learn
    new tricks.

    Happy Sewing

  5. Must have been a wonderful 'workshop'.I've been thinking of doing something like this (Amsterdam is only 30 min. away from my hometown and the old town Haarlem, 15 min., is also full of historic buildings) But I still think you can only make houses out of fabric using a lot of tiny pieces, because there are so many details. Looking at this example they are not that small are they?


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