Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I am a lucky lady :)

Today's my birthday - am now closer to 50 than 40 ... not sure how I feel about that! I've had a lovely day - Mutter (my Mum) is staying with us for a week, looking after me. Am still in a lot of pain and not sleeping too well but it'll get better soon, I'm sure.

And in the meantime, I get to enjoy all my lovely presents!

Two of my team came for a visit and we had Afternoon Tea and they brought me a gorgeous 'get well and come back to work soon' pink hand bag and flowers:

My niece bought me some fat quarters last week as a thank you for a quilt / playmat I had made for her fiance's neice:

And I had a couple of surprise gifts too. From the lovely Shauna - all the way from Canada, a quilting magazine and get well card:

And from Maja - all the way from Sweden, the prettiest little triangle bag, full of sewing gifts:

I am a lucky lady - thank you everyone xx

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

If you can't sew ... shopping helps :)

So my dislocated shoulder / broken arm is healing well and I'm recuperating away from home to give DH a break! Last week, I spent a few days in Wales with my dear Aunty G and this week, my fabby Mum (in law) is looking after me in Chester. Next week, Mutter (my Mum) comes back with us to London for a week ... hey, you're never too old to be looked after :)

Today I went for a walk. The LQS is Liberty Bell - a cute little shop in the city centre - is only about a 3/4 mile walk but I was sooooooooo nervous! I carefully placed every step, looking down to make sure there were no trip hazards, quite scared I may take another tumble ... yikes, I hope I get over this quickly :(

Still, it was worth it! I spent ages in there oohing and ahing, touching and dreaming about when I may get to sew again. Soon, I hope :)

Here are my purchases (mostly by Moda, I think):

I am short of purples in my stash - these are so pretty: 

I shall pop by and see what gorgeousness you've all been up to. Linking up:

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

They made me cry!!

You will recall I am out of action having had a nasty fall in the street nearly two weeks ago. I dislocated my right shoulder and smashed the humerus in 3 places ... ouch!

The operation went well and, although I'm still in a bit of pain, I'm recovering on track - I saw the Consultant on Monday: x-ray showed everything was back in its place, he was pleased with my (limited) range of movement and the surgery wound is healing nicely. It was a serious injury and it'll take months and a lot of physio to get full movement back but I'll get there :)

On the day of the accident, I had been grocery shopping for the weekend quilting retreat I was hosting ... I still feel really bad that the weekend didn't go ahead - all the 'Strip Bee' ladies were wonderfully understanding for the last minute cancellation and sent me some beautiful messages - I do hope we can rearrange :)

And as if I needed any more convincing what a fabby bunch of ladies they are - they sent me the most delightful box of goodies. DH had to open it for me and when I saw what was inside, I burst into tears (yes, am on a lot of morphine!!) There was a a gorgeously pink and purple wall hanging, where they've each made a block and signed it and there were lots of great individual gifts as well. You ladies are just too wonderful :)

Here's me modelling the wall hanging in this morning's glorious sunshine:

The back and cute label:

And with the gifts:

Thank you sooooooooooooo very much, my friends, what a wonderful tonic you are (shame I can't have the gin with it!) I'm a lucky girl.

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