Friday, 14 November 2014

First Friday Finish in Forever :)

It's just a little finish but a finish nonetheless and there's not many of them these days so I have to share!

Here's a little charm square bag made for dear SIL from this tutorial by the Missouri Star Quilt Co finished this afternoon. A close up of the quilting and lining:

And the finish:

Made from chicken fabric to celebrate sis finally getting her rescue chickens:

I also cut 36 x 10" squares for my Christmas Quilt:

And for a large Pants Bag (which will be a Christmas present for a colleague). There was just enough of the Christmas Quilt fabric left over for the ties:

So, if I pull my finger out I might have some more finishes to share ... soon :)

Happy Friday! Linking up with Sarah

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Friends, Fun and ... Fashion faux pas?!

Life is great, life is busy, we are having lots of fun in our new home - 4 months since the big move and it feels like one big holiday. 

Nearly every weekend we are seeing family and friends which is absolutely marvellous. If I was doing less of this (I really have no business wearing a 'onesie' at my time of life!):

I'd have more time for this:

The new windows are finally in and Nell is settling in nicely:

And a rare action shot:

I have nearly finished my charm square bag for chicken-owning SIL, loving the lining fabric which I bought in Amsterdam 2 years ago:

More friends and family visiting this weekend! The novelty of us being 'just around the corner' will wear off ... eventually?! 

And I just had to share this with you all ... LOL!

Linking up with the lovely Lorna - gorgeous butterflies :)

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