Sunday, 22 April 2012

Must try harder!!

I have not been very productive at all lately on the quilting front - life keeps getting in the way :(  

Should I feel bad about that? Probably not ... but I do! I don't think I have the busiest of lives - yes, I work full time and I commute 3 hours a day, over the last week we've been helping a friend 'to pack' who's emigrating to Spain and we're away from home again this weekend visiting family for my birthday - so I really haven't had a lot of spare time so I shouldn't feel bad, should I? Note to me: be kinder to yourself :)

I have made one thing! And it did put a big smile on a little girl's face today when I gave this cushion to my brother in law's niece:

It's cute (if I may say so myself?) I really like it - this was one of those things I have made which I wanted to keep for me - you know I LOVE pink! I don't do it very often but I added binding to this cushion - and I really like the professional finish it gives. 

We all get busy, life can feel like it's running away from you at times so, if you can't do everything (and, let's face it, who can?) please, be kind to yourself too :)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Busy ... but no sewing :(

We have had the most lovely weekend in Chester visiting family over the Easter Holidays and, sadly, it's nearly time to go home. Whilst I always love spending time with family, I have missed my quilting, especially as I have quite a list of things I want to make:

1) Cushion for Lucy at work (she stepped up when I was off sick recently so I want to thank her with a little gift)

2) Irish-themed quilt for friend in USA

3) Finish 'USA #4'

4) Start 'USA #5'

5) Cushion for brother-in-law's niece

6) Playmat for River Faith (niece's boyfriend's niece)

7) Peg Bag x 2

8) My sister's 'V' shaped cushion

9) Tote Bag(s)

Just a few things to keep me going, then!!

And as I can't possibly post without a photo, here is a little more fabric I bought for the Playmat on a lovely day out with dear Aunty G and hubby to Ruthin, North Wales on Saturday (no website but the shop is called 'Threads'):

That's about 6 different fabrics now I've bought for this Playmat - time to stop shopping and start sewing!! I'm really not sure yet what pattern to go with as some of the fabrics will require fussy cutting ... hmm, will have to get thinking - any ideas??

Shame I have to work for a living - so many quilt projects, so little time ... BIG SIGH!!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

You can't keep a good woman down!
Two days without being ill equals two days of glorious sewing :)
This is (some of) the top of 'USA #4' which I finished piecing last night. As thought, there wasn't enough of the background fabric to do the sashes and borders so I have had to use some of the pinks, blues and greens. It makes for a very different finish but I am happy with the overall look:
Sooooooooo glad to be better and sewing :)