Finished Quilts 2012

A good start to 2012 despite all of life's ups and downs conspiring to interfere with my quilting time :) So far, I have concentrated on making lapquilts (60" x 60") for my cousins in America from my Great-Aunt Jenny's 20+ year old stash, rescued from her daughter Lora's garage in Chesapeake Beach, MD last September.

1) 'USA #1' - made for cousin Lora

2) 'USA #2' made for cousin Lauren

3) 'USA #3' made for cousin Emily

4) 'USA #4' made for cousin Jeanie

5) USA #5 made for cousin June:

Having completed all USA quilts by August, I could move on to other projects :)

6) Irish-themed lap quilt made for Jimmy and Ginger (Sept 2012):

7) River Faith's 'Princess' quilt (Sept 2012):

8) 60" X 60" lapquilt 'Pussy Cat Rules' for Aunty G (Nov 2012):

9) Lapquilt for cousin Marisa 'Flowers will Grow Again' (Nov 2012):

10) Lapquilt (72" x 62") for sister in law Deborah 'Happy Holidays' (Dec 2012):


  1. Impressive bunch of quilts you completed last year. I particularly like Deborah 'Happy Holidays'.

  2. Great work Glinda! Glad to find your blog.


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