Friday, 22 August 2014

Made a bag, got a bag :)

Like many quilters and bloggers, I am enjoying a very busy Summer and I'm not getting much sewing or blogging done ... but that's okay, hey? 

Last week I made a tote bag for Angie (a friend of the family) to say thank you for gifting us these fabby brass jugs for our new house:

I love making these tote bags. Angie said she liked rose pinks so I raided my stash / scraps and here are some of my 'along the way' photos:

And it doesn't matter how many times I get to this part, it always makes me smile because I think, 'no way this is going to work' ... but it does:

So that was the gift I made and this was the gift I got from my dear blogging friend Jennie over at Porch Swing Quilts - she makes amazing bags (you must check out her 'Weekender' bags) and she sent me the bestest little Sew Together Bag - look at those 3 delightful zipped pouches:

And see what she added on the front - a Glinda wand! She makes all these beautiful things AND has 5 little ones to look after - SuperWoman indeed! Thank you sooooooo very much, Jennie, I adore it! You're incredibly thoughtful and I'm sending you a big hug all the way to North West USA from here in the UK (North Wales) x

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Enjoy the rest of the Summer - I will :) 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

A little bit of what you fancy ...

... does you good! So in just a few hours sewing today, I made pencil cases for my niece and nephew (at their request, my little quilty converts!) They came to stay with us this weekend and we did have fun ... shopping, p├ętanque, barbecue, a walk in the woods, a boat ride on the river, visiting Chester - we managed to cram a lot in in a couple of days :)

They both love my new sewing room - especially all the fabric! It really was like watching kids in a sweet shop but they actually know what they like and chose quite quickly - Oliver (aged 11) gravitated towards the ginghams and Libby (who's a very girly 12 so I had to add this pink love heart ribbon) picked from my vintage USA fabrics and a modern batik:

I used this fusible Pellon to add some strength -  I bought it years ago in the USA and found it when unpacking - what clever stuff - simply cut, iron, quilt - voila:

I did a very simple design of 3" squares and strips which finished at around 12.5" x 5" so the case will easily take a ruler and plenty of pens. 

Here they are ready to be posted and finished in plenty of time before they go back to school:

And Mr Postie delivered my first batch of Christmas Fabrics yesterday. Bought online from Patchwork Dreamer, they're a truly festive Makower bundle:

Think I'll make a Christmas Quilt out of it for the Snug. Had to light the wood-burner in there today, it was a little bit wet and windy in North Wales - thanks to Bertha apparently, we had a month's rainfall today:

Night night from me and Nell - guess I won't be tidying up just now:

Stay safe and warm :) 

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Monday, 4 August 2014

Am still here :)

I have not been sewing ... I have not been blogging ... I have not been following blogs - for 3 weeks! 

A combination of life's distractions and poor wi-fi service in the new house have come between me and my favourite things. But I have been enjoying my new early morning walk to work:

And my walk back to the hotel at night via Parliament Square:

London is beautiful in the Summer. I'm working long days and living there in the week so that I get to come home to our lovely new home in Wales on a Thursday afternoon:

But it does mean I'm not spending much time in here:

It's certainly a change in the pace of life and we're spending lots more time with family ... it's been a while since she was lit up:

This weekend, I have continued making some table mats from Cath Kidston fabric, which I will finish off on the train this week or in my hotel room:

Quilted with wiggly lines:

And I have made a start on the million yards of bunting (maybe not quite that much!) for dear niece's wedding which is next September ... so plenty of time, hey?!

I still can't baste and quilt anything sizeable but I resumed physiotherapy today after a 4-week break so that's good.

I'll pop around and see what you've all been up to - lots I bet :)