Sunday, 10 August 2014

A little bit of what you fancy ...

... does you good! So in just a few hours sewing today, I made pencil cases for my niece and nephew (at their request, my little quilty converts!) They came to stay with us this weekend and we did have fun ... shopping, p├ętanque, barbecue, a walk in the woods, a boat ride on the river, visiting Chester - we managed to cram a lot in in a couple of days :)

They both love my new sewing room - especially all the fabric! It really was like watching kids in a sweet shop but they actually know what they like and chose quite quickly - Oliver (aged 11) gravitated towards the ginghams and Libby (who's a very girly 12 so I had to add this pink love heart ribbon) picked from my vintage USA fabrics and a modern batik:

I used this fusible Pellon to add some strength -  I bought it years ago in the USA and found it when unpacking - what clever stuff - simply cut, iron, quilt - voila:

I did a very simple design of 3" squares and strips which finished at around 12.5" x 5" so the case will easily take a ruler and plenty of pens. 

Here they are ready to be posted and finished in plenty of time before they go back to school:

And Mr Postie delivered my first batch of Christmas Fabrics yesterday. Bought online from Patchwork Dreamer, they're a truly festive Makower bundle:

Think I'll make a Christmas Quilt out of it for the Snug. Had to light the wood-burner in there today, it was a little bit wet and windy in North Wales - thanks to Bertha apparently, we had a month's rainfall today:

Night night from me and Nell - guess I won't be tidying up just now:

Stay safe and warm :) 

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  1. Love your work!
    The gingham pencase makes me wonder If I have any ginghams.
    It make me think of my shooldays.

    Have a great day!
    Soon it´s thursday again...


  2. Those pencil cases are darling, but I'm seriously coveting that Christmas fabric! So pretty. Can't wait to see what you make of it, because I know it's going to be stunning!

  3. It's so fun when sweet ones love what we love. I love sharing my sewing room with friends and family. Love your pencil pouches. I love sewing on rainy days and what a warm inviting fire to sew by.

    Everyone is always complaining about stores having Christmas stuff out so early, but I'm always trying to tell them that if you are a crafter you need to be working on Christmas crafts now. lol

  4. Ir sounds like you're having a great time with your family. That fire looks cozy.

  5. The pencil bags came out great. And seeing your Christmas fabric makes me ready for the holidays to be upon us! Now if only California would actually have winter this year! HAHHA! Have a great one!

  6. How fun it must have been to sew those pencil cases with the fabric they chose! They both are beautiful but I particularly like the mix of fabric you nephew selected. :-)

  7. Lovely pencil cases ...... Think I'll make one for my pencils!!! Can't believe so many people are mentioning the "C" word in August!!!!!

  8. Sew cute are your pencil cases!! Neat that you can do the same pattern twice and they both have very different looks. I think most people like fabrics even if they don't quilt. My mom loves coming to the quilt shop with me just to look. Love your new Christmas fabric - looks like it will make a lovely quilt for your Snug. I think it has a Scandinavian look to it.


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