Sunday, 29 July 2012

Stash busting!!

I am really enjoying making bags at the moment - they're such a gratifying quick fix - and after the deluge of Tote Bags I made last week, I've started to make inroads on the 7 Pants Bags dear Mutter asked for (1 for her and 6 for the German relatives she'll be visiting in September!)

It was Mutter's 75th birthday yesterday and, as I was working and couldn't be with her, I thought it would be nice for her to have a gift in the post so she got this:

As I went for a close-up, I spied a little bundle of gorgeousness:

I think she wanted some 'treats' ... she goes mad for a certain type and hovers whenever I'm near the kitchen on the off chance she may get some, bless her.

These two are for Germany (my relatives are all different ages and I've only met 3 of them on a couple of occasions so I don't know their tastes or favourite colours so I'm going to do a selection and let them choose):

And this one is for a friend at work's daughter:

Oh, and a tote bag I made for our cat-sitter whose little bunny rabbit died recently:

And here is a better photo of madam - just settled herself down on my lapquilt - a first time in this chair but not the last, I fear:

It's been quite a productive week and all the bags were made with fabric from my stash - I've also been working on some new table mats and a table runner, which I'll hopefully finish over the next couple of evenings - but, naughty me, I still haven't basted 'USA #5' so that has to be my priority next week. Then, I can start on my next two quilts!! Oh, I DO LOVE my quilting :)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Just call me 'The Bag Lady' :)

In the evenings after work and over the last two weekends, I have made two Pants Bags and SIX Tote Bags :)

1) For Deborah's birthday (an extra gift), made from some Cath Kidston fabrics left over from her cushion:

2) For Heather, to replace an earlier version:

And then I made something new - lined tote bags with a pocket. I had looked at various patterns, magazines, websites, etc for weeks trying to find a pattern/tutorial I could follow and I finally found this easy-peasy tutorial on Stacie's blog - attachment:/1/lined-tote-bag-tutorial.html - and then there was no stopping me:

1) Made for Ajoke at work - she is a wise owl:

with Kona Ash lining and a lime green apple fabric for the pocket:

2) For Pam at work - she really liked this Hibiscus Tropical Print when I used it in a cushion:

and the inside:

3) For Mandy at work, out of a MODA charm pack (Lumieres Noel):

4) For me - I know! How did that happen? Well, I started making this for Lydia (my friend in France) but figured not the best fabric choice but I loved this fabric (Paris Bebe Loft Collection) when I bought it over a year ago so no hardship I get a 'Paris Bag':

and the inside:

5) For Caryn in work: added a little stripe from the lining:

and the inside (MODA Lily Asbury):

6) And, finally, this afternoon - for Lydia in France:

and a little label on the inside:

All made from scraps or stash ... all made with a smile and good wishes to the recipients ... I HAVE had fun!

Didn't get 'USA #5' basted though ;( - will ask Nick to help me with that after work tomorrow!!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Extra ... extra ... read all about it!!

I love having visitors ... Aunty G is no exception and Mutter is here as well :) but it usually curtails my quilting. Usually! So, Aunty G was up in the loft Friday looking at 'USA #5' (cousin Junes' WIP lapquilt) and all the fabric I still have left over from Great Aunt Jenny's stash and asked if she could have a new Pants Bag (a smaller one than last year's as she doesn't 'have many big pants' - her words not mine!). She really liked the fabrics in June's quilt and there was plenty left over so I put this together for her:

When I gave it to her this morning (I didn't want to ...  I love it!), she told me the story that Aunty Jenny was actually with my Nen when Aunty G was born and it was Aunty Jenny who came up with her name. My Dad and Aunty Sally had been named from the Evans side of the family and Aunty Jenny thought Nen should name the new baby after the Williams side of the family and that's how she came to be named Gweneth. What a lovely story - and one I might never have known about unless she had asked me for a new bag :)

In addition, as we are visiting Aunty G's old school friend, Stella, later today she asked if I'd make a little table mat, maybe in the school colours. I googled 'Rickmansworth Masonic School for Girls' and saw a gold star and blues. Added to the meaning of Stella's name, the fabric choice and design was quite easy and I made this little mat in a couple of hours yesterday:

Not to be left out, Mutter has asked for a new Pants Bag! Oh, and one each for her 6 female relatives in Germany!! She's not going there until September so I have a few weeks!!!

All these extra requests means my 'things to do' list now looks like this:

1) Baste, quilt and bind 'USA #5'
2) Finish River's playmat
3) Start Ginger's lapquilt
4) Start Marisa's lapquilt
5) Tote bags for workmates
6) Pants Bags x 7 for Mutter and the Germans!
7) Knitting bag for Aunty Monika

Just as well we are having all this awful wet weather because I'm not going to see much of this Summer!!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

If in doubt ... pick both!!

Oh, I really could not make my mind up so in the end I chose both my favourites for the setting and corner triangles (good advice, Hannah!) and I've now finished the top of 'USA #5':

Just got to trim it, piece the back, baste, quilt, label and bind it then send to Annapolis ... oh, I wish there were more hours in the non-working part of my day :)

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cushions, flowers and shopping!

I have had a lovely few days. Hannah and Chris got me (us!) these beautiful flowers for having them to stay:

We went to Rochester yesterday - I had to replenish my stash (Hannah chose a lot of my reds) and I got some more pinks and polka dots too! Hometown is a really cute little shop which has a great range of fabrics and books. Just a few purchases this time:

Then this morning, I finished Hannah's (& Chris's!) cushions:

It's been a great week. Sad they've gone home though :( but we'll go and visit them soon :)