Sunday, 28 December 2014

Quick and easy gift that's always loved :)

I've made a few zipped bags now (iPad cases, pencil cases, make-up bags) when I've needed a gift that's quick and easy to make but still loved by the recipient and Boxing Day was no exception. We were off to a family party and I had underestimated my Christmas gift purchases so quickly made this little bag for my brother in law's niece (and she loved it):

I used this tutorial from Thimble Lane as I find her instructions for adding the zip really easy to follow. Our friends from London arrive tomorrow for a few days holidays so this afternoon I'm making their 3 daughters each a bag to go with a store voucher and sweets we already have for them:

I've appliqu├ęd their initials to personalise them and chosen colours which I know the girls favour.

Oh, and please indulge me, but we had a tiny bit of snow yesterday in Wales which I think makes our new home look even lovelier:

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas ... and a last minute present :)

I did tidy up on Sunday and it spurred me on to make an extra last minute gift for dear niece (yes, that's my niece who has more of my Quilty creations than anyone else - including me!) I have made her a coffee table quilt out of some fun Christmas fabrics I had in my stash.

A couple of hours to piece, an hour to wiggly line quilt it and a couple of hours on the binding:

She'll love it! 

Also, I had previously made the 144 HSTs to make a quilt for my frolleague ... inspired by this photo of her rug:

And had such fun placing them - I really did think about each and every one and where it should go (I would like to be more random but, like many of my quilty friends, I just can't let it go!) 

I made the first row - 4x4 - only two more to go - can't wait to finish this up:

And then there was no stopping me - I made some Reindeer napkins too:

Nick's Mum and sister will be here in half an hour; we're having a light bite to eat (in the kitchen - got to save the big table for tomorrow!) then Mum is staying over until Boxing Day. Tomorrow, there will be 7 of us for Christmas Day ... can't wait to have our dear family with us for our first Christmas in our new home:

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Merry Christmas, I hope you have a most wonderful day, however you are spending it. Blessings to you all xx

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Last few Christmas gifts and a tidy up ...

I'm so looking forward to today as I am going to spend the day in my sewing room ... after I've tidied it up:


I have a few little finishes to share - for Madalena (our cleaner at work):

For my cousin's daughter (for her trip to Paris):

For my little sister:

I'm going to make my big sister a mini iPad case, a charm square bag for my little niece and work on some UFOs. Happy days :)

Saturday, 13 December 2014

A bit of a spurt ...

How's your Christmas preparation coming on? Not even two weeks left ... oh dear! How did that happen?! 

I took part in our work's Christmas Gift campaign (you buy gifts for a child in care, all you get told is their age and gender, you drop them off and they are then wrapped and anonymously donated.) I wanted to add something home-made to the gifts I bought so made a London pencil case:

Merry Christmas, little boy, and God bless you x 

My sister was ogling my tote bag when we met up last week:

So she's getting one of her own for Christmas. The joy of scraps: 

I cut my handles at 5" and when folded they end up at 1 1/4" which I like:

Just needs quilting and putting together. Also, I have started on a Pants Bag for my cousin's daughter who's going to Paris in the New Year:

Finally, for dear SIL - out of the leftovers of her chicken bag, I cut out 36 x 3 1/2" squares, sewed them together, pressed open the seams (don't really need to but it does give a nice flat finish):

And placed it in front of the tree for a festive photo:

Something furry and amazing heard the baubles knocking and came a-looking  ... tried to hide from me but I spotted her: 

I love the cushion on our chair under the stairs too ... sooooooo very tempted to keep it for myself ... but I wont - we never do, hey?

And today - a first - Mum came over for the day and we sat together for a few hours chatting away in my sewing room, drinking coffee whilst we made some bunting (for dear niece's wedding next year):

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Friday, 5 December 2014

London calling ...

Today's post is quite apt really. Splitting my week between London (job) and North Wales (home) is working out well but I do miss being in my home every night so that I can just slot in an hour's quilting here and there.

This fabric is so indicative of life in London:

And this is what I've made out of it for Christmas for my frolleague's 13 year old son:

And a larger Pants Bag for my frolleague (she's going to use it for socks):

I've also made a start on another quilt (but goodness knows when it'll be finished!):

I'm home for 2 weeks at Christmas and I WILL spend more time in my sewing room! I've so many UFOs to work on :(

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