Other Finishes 2013

1 - 4) Four cushions for me blogged here 

5) Pants Bag for cousin Heather blogged here 

6) Pants Bag for Carla (Giveaway Winner) blogged here

7) Pants Bag for Karen blogged here

8) Pants Bag for Cousin June blogged here 

9) Pants Bag for Amanda blogged here

10) Pants Bag for church raffle blogged here 

11) Cushion for church raffle blogged here 

12) Pants Bag for Pam at work blogged here 

13) Pants Bag for Georgia blogged here

14) Ironing Board cover for me blogged here 

15 - 17) Three iPad Cases for me, Aunty Monika and Heather blogged here

18 - 20) Three more bunny cushions for Joy blogged here 

21) Cushion for me blogged here

22) Pants Bag for Kathleen blogged here

23) Cushion for Mark (DH's BFF) blogged here 

24) Pants Bag for Mandy (DH's colleague) blogged here

25) - 27) Three Pants Bags for Fran, Shauna and Nina (Birthday Giveaway Winners) blogged here 

28) Linen Bag for me (Yarnia workshop 21/05/2013) blogged here

29) Linen Bag for Hannah (DN) blogged here

30) Pants Bag for Lucy at work blogged here

31) Cath Kidston bag for Deborah (dear SIL) blogged here

32 - 34) Cath Kidston chair, Peg Bag and Cat Treats Pouch blogged here

35 - 37) Three Pants Bags for relatives in Germany blogged here

38) Pants Bag for quilt bee friend Julie blogged here

39) and 40) Two more Pants Bags for Germany blogged here

41) Cushion for my sewing room blogged here
42) and 43) Final two Pants Bags for Germany blogged here

44) Pants Bag for quilt bee friend Amy's daughter blogged here

45) Pants Bag for Carla's daughter blogged here 

46) Advent calendar for me :) blogged here

47) Christmas Tree Mug Rug for Pam blogged here

48) Mini Pants Bag (sweetie bag) for Millie blogged here

49) and 50) Christmas Mat and cushion made with Jessica blogged here

51) - 52) Three advent calendars blogged here, here and here

53) Mini (Xmas) Pants Bag for Secret Santa blogged here

54) - 56) Cushion for Tante Margot and two more mini Pants Bags blogged here

57) - 60) More mini Pants Bags for Christmas Gifts

61) Pants Bag tutorial - another mini Pants Bag blogged here

62) Christmas Cushion for Deborah blogged here

63) Pants Bag for DH's colleague blogged here

64) Pants bag (for ballet shoes) for my colleague's daughter blogged here

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