Sunday, 1 January 2017

Siblings Together Quilt 2017

Happy New Year, everyone ... feeling a little tired today but motivated to sew and blog as I am Queen Bee for this month's Siblings Together Quilting Group. This will be my second 'bee' collaboration and fifth quilt for this fabby charity:

A reminder why I love being part of this group and we make these quilts every year:

We began the 2017 quilts in October and these are the blocks I have made so far, starting with this cool design improv block for Carol @ The Running Hare:

In November, Mary @ Mary Emmens requested a couple of red paper pieced blocks - these were fun to make:

And last month, Sheila @ chezbudsmam asked us to make her a couple of delightful Greek Cross Blocks: 

So, here is the block I am requesting - and a quick tutorial, should it be needed. Although mine is made from my scrappy citrus greens, I am hoping to get a variety of red, yellow, orange, light blue and green blocks - my only stipulation is that the block be made using just one colour and that the star be a dark blue / navy solid fabric (or similar). The block finishes at 18.5" and is made from 16 x 5" squares and 8 x 2 and 3/4" squares:

To make the star points, lay one square against the corner of the 5" square and sew on the diagonal - I like to draw a line but you can just eyeball it too:

I sewed a second seam and will use the spare 16 X 2" HSTs in another project: 

Then take a second square and do the same:

I didn't have enough fabric to not repeat a couple of squares but that works well, I think:

I like the seams to be pressed open and do pin a lot:

And the finished block:

Thank you, STQB ladies - can't wait to see what you come up with. I will post on my Instagram account and back here to show you. 

Happy Quilting in 2017.