Saturday, 21 May 2016

Finished Siblings Together Quilt :)

9th April, I posted this on my IG feed:

I honestly came back in here to tidy up ... now I'm seeing #fabricscraps #stashbusting2016 for a boy's #siblingstogetherquilts #siblingstogether #quilt 💙 I need help 🙏🏻🤔😂

And so it continued. These 20 X 12.5" 'improv' blocks totally made from blue, black and grey fabric scraps were an absolute joy to make. There was no real rhyme nor reason to how they evolved but I tried not to cut into the scraps too much. So if I picked up a larger piece of fabric than I needed, I put it to one side until it was a perfect fit:

I used my walls and washi tape as a design wall:

... and decided to sash the blocks with red Makower Spraytime adding a friendship star at each joint:

Here it was before quilting: 

And all finished - about 55" X 65": 

Made two more blocks to accompany the perfect backing fabric I found online (thank you Fabric Guild for posting so quickly) 

And last night I finished hand sewing the binding and added the label:

This will be in the post on Monday. I really hope the young boy? who gets this at camp this summer enjoys the 3D 'crazy' quilt I've made him.

A reminder why I, and many others, support this fabulous charity

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Siblings Together Quilt Linky Party

Happy weekend X 

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Quilt for a (young) man ...

I don't think I've yet to make a quilt I didn't like but I've definitely made a few that I love (off the top of my head: Amsterdam / PBF's Wedding / Piano / Snooker Table) and this is in that category. Why? Because it was a gift for our nephew (who was 24 on Thursday) whom we dearly love, the design and execution challenged me and it is so very different to anything I've made before. What I didn't love was sewing all the black fabric ... harder on the eyes than I was expecting!

My inspiration for this quilt was the John Butler Trio t-shirt Alex wore during our ski holiday this year:

Don't quilters get their inspiration from the strangest of places?? I trusted online retailers' photos of fabric colours and was really pleased to see how closely they matched:

I drew the chevrons out and decided on measurements and got cutting quite quickly:

I went with flying geese rather than half square triangles (HSTs) and although the squares were only 2 and 3/4" I still drew lines for accuracy:

Once I'd made the chevrons and added some black framing blocks, I realised it wasn't going to work with just one so I made another ... as you do:

Now I was left with lots of spare HSTs saved from the flying geese corners so thought of a way to incorporate them and use them up. Here's how I went about making the 'Star Wars X-fighters' eyes' ... well that's what DH calls them:

There were too many seams / lines for me to even attempt straight-line quilting so I stuck with what I know - stippling - and chose a dark blue thread as I thought black would be too dull! It worked out really well and I didn't mind it standing out on the chevrons because the t-shirt design had ink stains / paint splashes on it:

I had found the perfect backing fabric - Alex plays guitar - and DH had a bit of fun with the quilt name:

And the finished quilt which, thankfully, Alex loves (as do I!):

Linking up with Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts and Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Have a great weekend :)

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Scrap busting to make way for new fabric!!

I have had the best birthday weekend and I want to thank you all in Blogland and on my IG account for your birthday wishes. The winner of my birthday giveaway was Anu in Finland and she chose the pouch and tissue holder so my friend Kate gets the Pants Bag for her birthday tomorrow! (The log cabin pouch is an iPad case for me!) 

Giving really is as much fun as receiving:

Speaking of receiving, as well as some perfume and little bits and pieces, DH got me this wonderful stash of fabric from Craftsy:

The top 4 yards are Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis, the smaller two are Cotton and Steel and the 17 fat quarters are 'sweet petites' by Michael Miller. 

I feel very blessed not only to have all that new loveliness to play with but to have a husband who truly gets my obsession hobby and doesn't moan about all the time (and money!) I spend on quilting ... thanks Nick X  

As if that wasn't enough, I also received these gorgeous birthday gifts from my very kind and talented friends Fran and Maja. From Fran, a mini Pants Bag:

And from Maja, two delightful little pouches:

And on to my scrap busting because I need more space! I am continuing the theme of my scrappy Siblings Together quilt by using up more blue scraps for the backing. Not sure exactly how this will turn out yet! And I pulled some drawers and bins of other colours and have started on some log cabin duet blocks. Again, no idea where this is going!

I used to trim my scraps but find grouping them by colour now is more productive to me than by size - that way if I see two pieces of a similar colour, I pick the one closest to the size I want, thus saving the bigger piece for another project on another day. My scraps are kept in drawers, bins and a birdcage:

More scraps were used up in this 20.5" block for Nicky @mrssewandsew who is the queen of Siblings Together quilt making, bless her:

Linking up with Molli Sparkles showing off my new fabric and sharing my scrap-busting with Cynthia @quiltingismorefunthanhousework 

Friday, 22 April 2016

Can't help but play with fabric scraps :D

Since pulling all the blue and grey scraps out for my Siblings Together quilt, I cannot seem to stop touching my fabric scraps! What's strange is the more I use up, the more I seem to make! 

Today, I have made a few gifts all from scraps. Firstly, I look at the fabric colours and sizes and that helps me to decide on a design / object. Also I find great inspiration from the Internet and other quilters. This block was inspired by Cathy's quilt:

All made from pink scraps and white leftover binding strips. I needed a new iPad cover and now I have one:

It's my birthday tomorrow (and St George's Day) and also my friend Kate's on Monday so I decided to make some gifts for Kate and as a giveaway! I raided the red bucket and made an open wide zipped pouch (great tutorial by @Noodlehead):

The large glass of bubbles was for scale but did get drunk eventually! Then I made a Pants Bag (so called because when I travel, I don't like putting my drawers in other people's drawers so I can just keep my pants in a bag hanging up!):

And here they all are together with a tissue holder I made too:

Would you like the Pants Bag or the open wide zipped pouch and tissue holder? Leave me a comment saying which (giveaway open for 24 hours only) and I shall then pick a winner. I will also offer this on my Instagram account tomorrow and will announce the winner on Sunday. 

As I was tidying up, I just couldn't but help touch some more scraps and quickly made these two log cabin blocks in no time - not sure what to do with them yet:

Have a great weekend - I know I will!

Linking up to Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts and Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict 

Friday, 15 April 2016

Scrappy Quilt ...

I made a start on this quilt top before bedtime last Saturday and cracked on with it on Sunday; I was on a roll and finished it today ... am thrilled! 

My post earlier in the week linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday showed the beginnings:

Once all 20 blocks were made (totally from scraps), I concentrated on the sashing and added 1.5" strips with 1.5" squares for the friendship stars:

Aren't they cute? Am so pleased with their '3D effect' (thanks for that, DH x)  that I think I will use this method again. And here he is - my finished quilt top, ready for me to baste and quilt: 

This will be my second of three quilts for this year's quilt drive for the charity Siblings TogetherA reminder of why we do this:

I love this craft; I love my hobby, I really do. 

Linking up with Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts and Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Scrap busting / stash using ... c'mon!

Last year, I made this quilt for the Siblings Together charity quilt drive all from scraps (except the sashing):

... and I STILL had zillions loads of scraps left over. So, when I got my new ironing / sewing room table, I bought some baskets to house most of the scraps:

On Saturday, I made a mess in my sewing room ... yes, really! So, after dinner, I went back in just to tidy up (honest!) and put some scraps in the baskets:

But then I got to thinking - what if I made a boy's quilt for Siblings Together from scraps?! And that was that ... before going to bed, I had decided on making improv blocks - 12.5" so reckoned 20 blocks should do it and I started:

By bedtime on Sunday, I had made all 20 blocks! They were a dream to make and I tried not to trim the scraps too much and just looked at each block as it formed to see what strip would go where next:

Did I tell you I was a messy quilter?!

I don't have a design wall but I do have cream walls and washitape:

And today, I started to add some sashing:

I think this will be a great quilt for a boy / young man. Linking up for the first time with Nicky at Scraptastic Tuesday.

Scraptastic Tuesday