Friday, 11 July 2014

My new Quilting Room :)

Our new home:

A new chapter in our lives in North Wales - and we are much closer to family after 26 years of living in London. On Wednesday, some of that fabby family helped me unpack 15 boxes in my new Quilting Room (frustratingly, I still can't move my right arm that well after breaking my shoulder 3 months ago) ... and in just a couple of hours all my fabric, books and magazines, WIPs and quilty stuff was out of the boxes - they know how much I love my hobby, bless them ... though apparently, I have too much fabric!

Judge for yourself - my new fat quarter drawer:

Over the last two days, I've moved and sorted, tidied and whittled stuff down as best I can. This room's not as big as my old sewing space but my oh my, I think it's magical ... what do you think? Warning - I've taken lots of photos:

Even Nell got in on the action:

LOVE it! Am so very lucky to have this wonderful space. Can't wait to start sewing in it! Maybe tomorrow ... but only after I've cleared the hallway - not so much fun:

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Unpacking and creating a new Quilting Room :)

Tired? Yes!
Aching? Yes! Yes! 
Excited? Yes! Yes! Yes! 
Happy? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! 

The house move to Wales went very very well. Even Nell (the rescue cat who still hasn't really settled down after 5 years living with us!) survived the 4 hour car journey :) Here she was on Morning #1. She's a 'city cat' so goodness knows what she'll make of the cows, badgers and rabbits when we let her out: 

It's only been 3 days and we have hundreds! a lot of boxes to still unpack but we made a great start in my Quilting Room yesterday thanks to both Mums, DH and my little big sister:

It's a very different space to this fabby room I left behind in London:

... and a bit smaller so I will have to be ruthless with some of my old stuff if I want my new creative space to be both pretty AND usable. Hmmmm, now that could  be tricky for me ...

Pop back Friday - I'm foolishly optimistic hoping it'll be finished! Linking up with Lee and Lorna:

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Friday, 4 July 2014

A couple of finishes and a farewell :)

So before all my fabric and sewing machines were all packed away and taken to the new house in Wales on Wednesday,  I did manage to squeeze in two final projects. This one started out as a cushion for my friend's son's teacher but I wasn't feeling it so I turned it into a shopping bag for me. You have to pay 5p per carrier bag in Wales so this bag should carry plenty of bags when we go shopping:

A little pocket inside for more bags! I do love to shop :)

And here is the finished cushion:

And here is my empty sewing room ... gulp! 

Very excited about unpacking them -15 boxes in the new house on Sunday and creating a whole new sewing space ...

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

All packed and a thank you to Lorna :)

So the packers were here yesterday. Note for next time: if you don't tell them beforehand not to pack ALL the cat food and ALL your tea towels ... guess what? Turn your back on them and they pack EVERYTHING !! Grrrrrrrrr :( That'll learn me! 

But then, I had a reason to smile. It wasn't my birthday, I hadn't won a giveaway ... dearest Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts had sent me this parcel of goodness all the way from Canada:

Just for being her friend :) thank you, Lorna - naughty but very nice! Sending you a virtual hug { x }

And, before my sewing room was packed away, I started making this cushion (pillow) for my friend's little boy to give to his teacher next week: 

I love finishing cushions this way, although am always amazed it works out:

Just pin the life out of it! 

When I get home from work tonight, DH and all our stuff will be gone, all packed up and on its way to Wales - leaving me and the cat rattling around an empty house until Saturday so I'm happy to have a little hand sewing to do :)

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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Stash in transit!

I'm a little bit sad today :( 

We move house next week and, although the packers aren't coming until Tuesday, I've had to start packing up my sewing room. I could have left it for the removals men but I have a rule ... non-quilters are not allowed ... EVER ... under any circumstance ... to touch my stash. That's just the way it is.

First box, in went all the pinks:

And it just went on:

And on:

And on:

And I had some new fabrics to place gently in the box:

My shelves and baskets are empty:

It'll be a week before I can unpack ... a whole week before I get even half a chance to sew again :(

I'm going to head over to Karen's linky party for some therapy :)

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Pants Bag casing tutorial ...

I've been making Pants Bags for my special blogging friends and recently made this one for the lovely Amy @ A Quilting Sheep - she wrote a super post about it :)

Amy really liked my casing and wondered how I did it. I was about to reply, 'see my tutorial' when I realised that because the bag in the tutorial was a mini Christmas bag, I had only attached single casing.

So here is a 'double folded casing mini tutorial' especially for Amy but also for anyone else who may like to use it (please note, my technique has evolved over 4 years of making my Pants Bags so I'm not meaning to take credit for this from anyone or am I saying this is the only way to make casing ... just that this is the way I now make it.)

1) Firstly, choose your fabrics - new FQs or scraps (or even use up your orphan blocks). This bag is going to be for my friend Jennie (aqua and yellow are her colours, I read on her blog this week): 

2) Make your outer and lining bags (leaving a 5" gap in the bottom of your lining bag for pulling the outer bag through later) to the size of your choice - I like mine around 14" x 14" - and I make both bags exactly the same size:

3) Cut 2 strips of casing fabric - 5" by the width of your sewn bag - in my case here, it's 5" x 14". The width is chosen depending on what size cord / ribbon you'll be pulling through, so I do vary this. Fold over at the ends and press then fold in half and press again:

4) Pin to both sides of the outer bag like so and stitch just under a 1/4" all around:

5) Turn the bag inside out. Drop in the lining bag and pin and again stich just under a 1/4" all around:

6) Pull the outer bag through the lining gap, press the lining and stitch up the gap with matching thread:

7) I have two ways of finishing to catch those ends where the outer bag and lining bag don't meet: I either top stitch around the whole bag or, using invisible thread, I hand sew the ends together. For this bag, I'm going to top stitch - so I pin:

8) And sew:

9) I've chosen yellow ribbon for the cord:

And voila:

Hope that helps, Amy :)

And here she is with my other finishes this week:

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