Other Finishes 2012

Lots of cushions:

I love making cushions and seeing the faces of my friends and family when they receive their unique gifts. All my cushion tops are 'mini-quilts' (pieced, basted and quilted) so I get to practice and play with new fabric all the time and create lovely things in just a couple of hours :)

From florie's babygros

For my second sister, Deborah

For Deborah's mum in law, Janet (sadly now passed)

For Deborah's niece, Georgia
For Lucy at work

Made for Pam at work

For Caryn at work

For my sis, Debbi

Four red cushions for dear niece Hannah

For the God-daughters who came to visit  during the Paralympics three Pants Bags (taking me to 37 for the year) and two cushions

For nephew Alex and Tasha for their new home

Bits and Pieces 2012

Sewing Machine Cover and pin cushion
Sewing Machine Mat

Sewing Room Bin Bag

Leaders and Finishers Bag

Peg Bags for me and Mum

Pants Bags

Pants Bags are what I call these little (14-18" ish) drawstring bags for holding pants, socks, etc when you go on holiday - I  don't know about you but I like to keep my pants packed rather than put them in other people's drawers ... no, doesn't bother you? Just me then!!

1) For my 'down South dad', 'Big Norm'
2) For one of my oldest school friends, Peta
3) For Peta's Mum (my Mum #2), Brenda
4) For my Forever Friend, Judi
5) For Nick's FF, Mark
6) For my Dear Husband, Nick:

7) For my Aunty Lilian
8) For Aunty G
9) For sis (in-law) Deborah
10) For my dear friend, Heather
11) For Mutter (she got a Knitting Bag too)
12) For a relative in Germany (1)

13) For a relative in Germany (2)
14) For Ajoke's daughter
15) For Mandy's daughter

16) For Florie
17) For Joy

18) For Mum
19) For Joy
20) For Joy

21) For Ingar
22) For Richard

23) For Tasha
24) For Ian

25) - 27) For Joy 
28) - 32) For my nephews
Knitting Bags for Mutter and Aunty Monika:

Tote Bags 2012

A new addition to my not so vast repertoire of sewing projects and not quilting, I know, but still a really good way to use up my fabric stash and they make lovely gifts for all my friends and family. Plus, this tutorial from Stacie made it so easy to follow that I can create one of these lovelies in a couple of hours :)

1) For Ajoke at work:

2) For Pam at work:

3) For Caryn at work:

4) For Lydia in France:

5) For Meeeeeeeeeeeee:

6) For Mandy at work:

7) For cat-sitter/friend Joy:

8) For sis (in-law) Deborah:

9) For Mum:

10) For Aunty Ruth:

and a Tote Bag (11) for Caryn at work:

and for my 'jungle' friend, Heather - ANOTHER bag (Tote Bag #12):

Followed by a Tote Bag (#13) made for Louise out of fabric bought on our trip to Amsterdam:

Tote Bag (#14) for Alice

Tote Bag (#15) for my niece, Libby:

18 x Cushions
4 x Bits and Pieces
2 x Knitting Bags
2 x Peg Bags
15 x Tote Bags
37 x Pants Bags

= 78 different items!

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