Saturday, 13 December 2014

A bit of a spurt ...

How's your Christmas preparation coming on? Not even two weeks left ... oh dear! How did that happen?! 

I took part in our work's Christmas Gift campaign (you buy gifts for a child in care, all you get told is their age and gender, you drop them off and they are then wrapped and anonymously donated.) I wanted to add something home-made to the gifts I bought so made a London pencil case:

Merry Christmas, little boy, and God bless you x 

My sister was ogling my tote bag when we met up last week:

So she's getting one of her own for Christmas. The joy of scraps: 

I cut my handles at 5" and when folded they end up at 1 1/4" which I like:

Just needs quilting and putting together. Also, I have started on a Pants Bag for my cousin's daughter who's going to Paris in the New Year:

Finally, for dear SIL - out of the leftovers of her chicken bag, I cut out 36 x 3 1/2" squares, sewed them together, pressed open the seams (don't really need to but it does give a nice flat finish):

And placed it in front of the tree for a festive photo:

Something furry and amazing heard the baubles knocking and came a-looking  ... tried to hide from me but I spotted her: 

I love the cushion on our chair under the stairs too ... sooooooo very tempted to keep it for myself ... but I wont - we never do, hey?

And today - a first - Mum came over for the day and we sat together for a few hours chatting away in my sewing room, drinking coffee whilst we made some bunting (for dear niece's wedding next year):

Enjoy your weekend, linking up with the lovely Lorna and Amanda

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  1. Oh, this is a FUN post! Lots of goodies! The London pencil case is such a great handmade addition to all those crafty bits for some little boy. He will be happy! All your patchwork creations are very pretty, too, but I love that cushion. What a great gift! Nice to meet your mum. Glad you two got to spend some time together in your happy place!

  2. Looks like you have been having fun making gifts. How lovely to sew with your mom.

  3. Wow so much to read about. What a lovely idea for your workplace to contribute to such a worthy cause. Your little boy is going to be very lucky indeed. Your sister is so lucky to be getting the bag and how nice for you to spend time with your mum. Cheers and all the best for the holiday season Pauline

  4. You have been busy! All lovely gifts anyone would be lucky to receive. I love the picture of your mum. What a fun day you had!

  5. Sew busy! And they are all so gorgeous. I don't blame you for wanting to keep the cushion, the colours are wonderful. Happy Christmas :-)

  6. What a great idea for the gifts at work, might have to copy that at some point in my fundraiser role ;-) love your nook under the stairs!

  7. Well, hello, my friend. Love that you and your mom had sewing time together. I can't believe Christmas is so close. Hubby and I have been shopping for donation toys and have found so much joy in it. Wish I would have thought to include a handmade with the gifts. Great gift idea. Love the cushion and it really does look great with the chair. Maybe you should keep it. After all, that fabric is very "sexy."

  8. Wow, you've been very busy! The young man who receives your pencil case is sure to be delighted with it. I love the cushion and would be tempted to keep it too as it looks just right in the nook under the stairs. I love days that Mum and I get to sew together. I'm looking forward to some sewing time next week.

  9. What a lovely idea your work place has adopted, and I'm sure your gifts will be appreciated. It looks so cosy and lovely sewing with your mum in your sewing room I think I'll see if I can entice my daughter to join me in the new year, she's 32 but has resisted all attempts to pick up a needle and thread so far!!

  10. Wow you really have been busy and such wonderful items you have created. I would be tempted to hang onto your pillow too! SIL would never need to know. Isn't is nice when our mom's come and visit for a day? Enjoy your Christmas Jen!!


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