Sunday, 22 July 2012

Just call me 'The Bag Lady' :)

In the evenings after work and over the last two weekends, I have made two Pants Bags and SIX Tote Bags :)

1) For Deborah's birthday (an extra gift), made from some Cath Kidston fabrics left over from her cushion:

2) For Heather, to replace an earlier version:

And then I made something new - lined tote bags with a pocket. I had looked at various patterns, magazines, websites, etc for weeks trying to find a pattern/tutorial I could follow and I finally found this easy-peasy tutorial on Stacie's blog - attachment:/1/lined-tote-bag-tutorial.html - and then there was no stopping me:

1) Made for Ajoke at work - she is a wise owl:

with Kona Ash lining and a lime green apple fabric for the pocket:

2) For Pam at work - she really liked this Hibiscus Tropical Print when I used it in a cushion:

and the inside:

3) For Mandy at work, out of a MODA charm pack (Lumieres Noel):

4) For me - I know! How did that happen? Well, I started making this for Lydia (my friend in France) but figured not the best fabric choice but I loved this fabric (Paris Bebe Loft Collection) when I bought it over a year ago so no hardship I get a 'Paris Bag':

and the inside:

5) For Caryn in work: added a little stripe from the lining:

and the inside (MODA Lily Asbury):

6) And, finally, this afternoon - for Lydia in France:

and a little label on the inside:

All made from scraps or stash ... all made with a smile and good wishes to the recipients ... I HAVE had fun!

Didn't get 'USA #5' basted though ;( - will ask Nick to help me with that after work tomorrow!!

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