Sunday, 22 April 2012

Must try harder!!

I have not been very productive at all lately on the quilting front - life keeps getting in the way :(  

Should I feel bad about that? Probably not ... but I do! I don't think I have the busiest of lives - yes, I work full time and I commute 3 hours a day, over the last week we've been helping a friend 'to pack' who's emigrating to Spain and we're away from home again this weekend visiting family for my birthday - so I really haven't had a lot of spare time so I shouldn't feel bad, should I? Note to me: be kinder to yourself :)

I have made one thing! And it did put a big smile on a little girl's face today when I gave this cushion to my brother in law's niece:

It's cute (if I may say so myself?) I really like it - this was one of those things I have made which I wanted to keep for me - you know I LOVE pink! I don't do it very often but I added binding to this cushion - and I really like the professional finish it gives. 

We all get busy, life can feel like it's running away from you at times so, if you can't do everything (and, let's face it, who can?) please, be kind to yourself too :)

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