Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Yay ... at last I'm back in the groove!!

... or something like that :) Life and having a new kitchen fitted has stripped me of any spare time and energy for W E E K S!!!

Anyways, I have finished USA #4, a thank you cushion for a colleague at work and have two other cushions nearly done and some firm ideas for the design of the final USA quilt! Oh quilting, I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!

First up: 'USA #4' for my dear cousin's wife, Jeanie. I started this a while back ...remember? But I just couldn't decide on how to piece the back because, yet again, I had left myself with not very big pieces to play with but then I found amongst all the stash more of the dark pink I had used on the front so that gave me the centre panel AND enough for the binding ... thank you for choosing great fabric ... and lots of it, Great Aunty Jenny :)

The final size is about 58" x 58":

I love the way my backs are turning out because I can't plan for them so I kind of get a surprise each time!
 I like to FMQ over my label but I hand stitched the edges as well just to be sure:
 No show without Punch (Nell!)
Posted on Saturday so it will be with you soon I hope, dear cousin #4 and I hope you love it as much as I do :)

And another cushion ... I DO love making cushions. This is for Lucy at work who covered for me when I had to take some time off when my dad died. I asked her for her colours - purple and orange - and came up with this little sweetie:

Another couple of cushions to come and then I will make a start on 'USA #5'!! SOOOOOOO very happy to be back into my quilting :)

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