Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Just a few things ...

Gosh it has been very warm and muggy in the loft but I AM back in the groove. Two more cushions and a new peg bag for Mum-in-law's birthday :)

For Pam at work, the centre square was paper pieced which gives it beautiful lines and I may use this pattern for 'USA #5' ... not sure yet. I was going to stitch in the ditch it but ended up FMQing in purple thread. Pam loved it:

 And for Caryn at work - in 'her colours':

And Mum's Peg Bag. She celebrated her birthday on Tuesday by watching the Olympic Torch relay pass through Chester so I thought it only fitting to make her a new Peg Bag with our Union Flag theme. After making the front, it felt a bit 'flimsy' so I decided to make it into a mini-quilt and stitched in the ditch down the white lines. Took my time and only bunched up a couple of times because I needed a new needle ... much better :) Then, I really wasn't sure how to put these two pieces together:
But I did it (no pattern!) just worked it all out and added some 2" binding to finish it all off. LOVE IT!!
 And the back:
 And a little close up:

I love making gifts for people!! It's been a fun week :)

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