Tuesday, 20 August 2013

3 down ... 4 to go :)

I have to make 7 Pants Bags* for Mutter (my mum) to take on her holiday to Germany in September ... well, she doesn't ask me for much anything and she wants to take them as presents for all my aunts and cousins.

I didn't think I'd made that many this year until I checked out my 'other finishes 2013' page and counted 14 already! How does that happen?! 

On Sunday, I made a start by opening my little house of scraps:

And then I just went with the flow. I love making Pants Bags like this because I really don't know how they'll turn out ... I get to touch lots and lots of fabric and always end up with bags of different sizes and patterns: 

I love them and I hope Mutter and my family will too :) Linking up:

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(*Pants Bags is the name I call these drawstring bags as I use them when I travel - I don't like to put my drawers in other people's drawers, so to speak!)


  1. I'm glad you explained what they were, even though it's obvious really, but I was a bit confused for a moment there. I have to confess I never unpack my case when I go away - I just live out of it, crumpled clothes and all!! Come to think of it, a pants bag might be a good idea. It would save me searching all 4 corners of the case for a pair of pants each morning!!

  2. Your aunts and cousins are gonna love them! They are beautiful

  3. Very pretty pants bags. How nice of you to make them! :)

  4. I thought you were making bags of pants legs! Really, it's a big deal on Pinterest to recycle using the cut off legs. Anyway, you're are lots cuter and now I, too, have a way to packing clothing so that it can stay in the suitcase and still get found. Oh, and thank you for that delicate way of explaining it. Wouldn't it be nice if more people used delicate words?

  5. Okay, that little house is just too cute. Sweet bags too

  6. Your pants bags are the business! Do you ever sleep?!?


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