Friday, 20 March 2015

Two-timing, neglectful blogger! Tut tut :(

I am a bad blogger! I have been carrying on behind your back with a new kid (to me) on the block! I have neglected old friends and have shamelessly played with my new pals over at IG (we even have our own language #shameonyouGlinda) I am sorry. I am back ... and I am sorry. But words aren't enough - I promise to visit your blogs and read about your WIPs and finishes and take the time to leave you good comments. I will stop just looking at the pretty pictures on Instagram! It's not good enough ... forgive me?! 

Okay then, what have I been up to in the last couple of weeks? Quite a bit ... please stay and take a look. Some cosmetic bags for birthdays and Mothering Sunday:

I have made a few of these now using this You Tube tutorial from Debbie Shore. My addition is to interface the outsides with Pellon (and sometimes quilt the bag) and to add tabs to the zips, as taught to me by my friend Fran:

A couple of Pants Bags - this one for Jasmine's husband's birthday:

And this one for my first best friend; it's her birthday on Monday:

Love how colourful this is!

My little big sister came to stay last weekend. She doesn't quilt but she's very good at up-cycling furniture. Look what she did to my old table:

and my book stand:

But my biggest project had been making 16 'Home Sweet Home' blocks for the Siblings Together Quilts. Mary is collecting blocks for the boys' quilts:

and Hannah, the girls: 

I'm thrilled to have finished the top of my own Siblings Together quilt this evening. It's measuring up at 48" x 62":

And if that wasn't a busy enough few weeks, we went to the indoor ski centre on Monday and my poor SIL had a little fall :( she ended up with spiral fractures in her right shin bones and had a significant operation today:

So we get to babysit this beautiful boy for a couple of weeks - expect to see lots of cute Boxer Dog / next to quilt pictures!

Phew-eeeeeee! You're up to speed! Linking up with the lovely Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts and Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict. And if I haven't visited your blog for a couple of weeks, I promise I'll pop in and see you this weekend x


  1. I love your Siblings quilt; I'm sure all those happy colours will cheer some lucky child up.

  2. Wow what a busy few weeks! I have the same blog neglect problem - I'm having too much fun on IG and it's taking a fraction of the time! Must blog again soon though. I love your makes, esp. those zipper pouches and your gorgeous ST blocks and quilt!

  3. You are the most productive quilter and sewer that I know! Instagram is great fun and a wonderful source of inspiration so don't beat yourself up. It has definitely spurred me on to finish my Siblings Together quilt and some other WIPs and to try new things in the sew-a-longs.

  4. Lovely projects you've been working on!
    I don't want to get instagram, I hasen't got the time or knowledge!
    Big hugs!

  5. Wow! You've been busy....that pink quilt is so pretty. For a minute I thought you'd been injured again!! I hope your sil is recovering well. I haven't been on the social media at all much and sewing has been taken over by the house :( if we can get one of the downstairs rooms done then hopefully I'll be back to it soon...even if it's just making curtains!!

  6. Ha ha!! I wondered where you had got to! Glad to see you back and love the pink quilt. I might just have to check out this Instagram - lots of bloggers are making apologies cos they've been seduced!!!

  7. I also thought you'd hurt yourself again. Hope your SIL feels better soon.
    Great to see you've been up to lots of lovely sewing.

  8. Your siblings quilt is beautiful. I love IG too, a picture is worth 1000 words ;) Hope you SIL feels better soon, looks very painful

  9. Muy bonitos trabajos. Espero que la persona accidentada se recupere estupendamente.

  10. Such fun projects, and my hubby loves his bag. I want to try a zipper pouch sometime soon. Hope your SIL is doing well.

  11. When I saw that picture of the leg I thought, "Oh no, not again." I thought it was you until I read more. Your poor SIL. You will enjoy your visitor and do take advantage of the canine modeling abilities. The pictures will be a hoot.

    Love those blocks for the siblings together quilts and your quilt will be loved!!! Now quit cheating on us and come back to blog

  12. I have been neglecting my blog too, I have been busy making goodies to sell of Etsy, and visiting my latest love pintrest. Hop your SIL is recovering . Great finishes and I love what your sister did with your table Cheers Pauline

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