Friday, 10 April 2015

First finished quilt in a year :)

In March 2014, I tripped over some pavement and fell on my shoulder ... hard ... dislocated it and smashed it in 4 places - ouch! I now have a metal plate and 9 screws and am still in physiotherapy. But this week I have finally finished my first quilt and that has made me very happy indeed :)

Sadly, it was a leaving gift for my boss - she was a lovely lady to work with and I shall miss her. I used two Moda Papillon charm packs and added some Kona taupe and aqua to mix it up a bit and to make the quilt a little bigger:

I free motion quilted it with variegated thread - in about 2 hours - and, although the movements were awkward at first, muscle memory is a wonderful thing and I was soon in my flow.

Here she is:

I enjoyed it all so much, I quilted this little lady too (Siblings Together charity quilt) and will be finishing her over the weekend:

Linking up to Amanda Jean (welcome back) @ Crazy Mom Quilts.


  1. Oh gorgeous! I think I have some of that Papillon in my stash, I must get it out and create! I love the siblings quilt too, lovely colours! I am glad your shoulder is coming right and you can get back into quilting - have fun!

  2. I too have to look out for my Papillon fabric!
    It must be somewhere in my studio!
    That quilt is beautiful!
    The stringquilt is a "happyquilt" and I love it!
    A year passes quick, don´t you think?


  3. So pretty! It's good to see you back in action!

  4. I'm most impressed you did all that quilting in two hours. I think you should make one for yourself as it looks perfect over the back of your sofa.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your shoulder! I can't believe you are already quilting and the quilts look amazing!! Yes, I also think you should definitely make one for yourself.


  6. Lovely quilt and just love the red spotty binding, it works perfectly. You did exceptionally well to quilt it in just two hours!!

  7. Yea! It looks absolutely beautiful! The colors are so soft and sweet. Looking forward to your next finish.

  8. Lovely fabric, lucky boss!


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