Saturday, 13 June 2015

I'm nothing special ...

... well, I am special - we all are, aren't we - in our own way? But I mean I'm no different to thousands of other quilters across the world in that we just - keep - giving. I have been busy making lots of little gifts over the past few weeks - and I just want to keep going! 

Friends and family often comment, 'you should start charging' or 'you can't keep giving everything away for free' ... but I can. And I will (until circumstances dictate otherwise) because I really do love my hobby. And I love how much happiness a small gift can give.

Take my friend Shauna @ lovinquiltin who won my birthday giveaway. She received my gifts this week and wrote the most lovely post. Please go and check out her blog - it was her birthday this week too!) This was the sewing mat I made for her:

It was Mum's birthday (at the end of May) and I made her a new peg bag (the last one I made was very sun faded) I struggled to find an easy tutorial so just made it up as I went along. Anyone recommend one, please - my friend wants one now!

DH said we 'needed a big one' - your wish is my command, m'dear (that's our old one next to it!):

Dear niece needed some new cushions:

And my little zipped pouches have gone down a storm at work (perfect for keeping things tidy in your handbag) so I have been making lots of these as well:

Speaking of DH - he was 50 last week and I surprised him with a trip to the homeland of his father - Poland - we had an amazing time. It is my new favourite European city and we will go back:

 We loved the flavoured vodka - even made our own cherry beer one night:

Loved it so much, we brought some home! Didn't spill a drop :

But I mustn't be distracted further this weekend! I have two more weekends after this one to finish my piano quilt for my boss. Just needs a border today and basting - then I will have to think seriously about how to quilt it:

All of this activity has meant I have been neglecting my blogging friends and I have missed seeing what everyone has been up to. I shall link up with Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts and Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict and check in later on everyone else's finishes.

Have a great weekend and whether you sew for yourself or others - it's your job or just a hobby - you get paid or give it all away - enjoy yourself. And never forget - you are special too.


  1. Nice works from a Nice lady!
    Jen You are truly a Nice friend!

  2. me too , love to give them to family and friends

  3. Absolutely agree, we can't have things sitting unused in our houses when others could use and appreciate them can we? The peg bag and small pouches look great. And really looking forward to seeing that whole piano quilt top.

  4. So much fun to see all the gifts you are making. You are so sweet and generous. Have fun finishing the piano quilt!

  5. I would love to travel one day. Looks like a beautiful place

  6. You have been busy! Lovely projects, the peg bags are great. It looks like you had a good time in Poland.

  7. Goodness you have kept busy blessing others with so many wonderful handmade gifts! There's so much joy in making a gift, and I like to think that joy becomes a part of the gift - no wonder we like making and giving. :o)

    Good luck on finishing the piano quilt!

  8. You are special, Jennifer. And we are so glad to have you for a friend. Your creating and giving is such an inspiration to us all! Love that peg bag. What a lucky MIL!

  9. You are very special!! Isn't it nice to just give away freely what we have created. I love that too! Neat peg bags and zipped pouches. Looks like you have mastered them. What a lovely gift for your hubby, I'm sure he enjoyed going to back to his homeland. Have a great week!

  10. It's so fun to gift the quilts we make.

  11. What a wonderful blog post Jennifer! So many lovely makes, as usual!! And I can't wait to see your finished piano quilt!!

  12. I give away a lot of what I make and when I get asked why, I just say I can only use one quilt at a time :)


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