Friday, 30 October 2015

30 months, 6 friends, 1 broken shoulder !!

Doesn't every quilt have a great story behind it? Well, this one's no exception ... in fact, this has to be one of my best :)

In June 2013, I joined my first quilting bee, thanks to my dear friend (now) Fran @ patchyroses suggesting me as a participant to our lovely Queen Bee, Maria @sewlovetosew. The other 3 talented ladies were Amy @cloudcoucou, Julie @mackandmabel and Sarah @quiltcandy. The idea was a strip quilt - we'd each make a strip and pass it on, adding a strip to compliment as we went along until all six quilters had added a strip, then the quilt would be returned to its owner.

Here was my starting strip:

Each quilt was very different, I learnt some new paper piecing skills and played with different fabrics and really got to know my fellow Strippers along the way!! 

In fact, we were getting on so well, I invited everyone for a weekend in March 2014 so that we could meet and hand over our finished quilts in person. The day before, I went grocery shopping and, with two heavy bags, I tripped in the street, fell hard, dislocated and smashed my shoulder ... ouch!!

I was devastated - not just for breaking my shoulder - I had to cancel the weekend :( 

The ladies were marvellous about it and Queen Bee organised everyone and they made me a delightful wall-hanging strip and sent me extra gifts too: 

They made me cry:

Everyone was still keen to meet up and, thankfully, we didn't have to wait long. In June 2014, we finally got together. Here am I (you can spot the poorly shoulder) with my finished quilt:

And here's the whole crowd - from left to right: Sarah, Amy, Julie, Me, Maria and Fran:

My shoulder was really smashed so it took me a while before I got back into basting and quilting so she was put on the UFO pile for a year :( But recently, I got her out, dusted her off, added some borders and started quilting:

And here she is, at last - complete:

It took some time but I have a lovely quilt, my shoulder is as good as it will ever be, I can make quilts again and, more importantly, I have 5 new friends ... just like their quilts; they're all different, all unique, all very special. Thank you, ladies, you rock xxxxx

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  1. How good to be reminded of our lovely meet up. And despite your injury you've finished quilting yours before I have mine. It looks great. Ours is undoubtedly the best Bee I've ever joined!

  2. Oh what a happy quilt with lots of memories attached to put in your snug!! Glad your shoulder is feeling much better from a year ago!

  3. It looks wonderful. I love the borders, they really set the whole thing off. it's been wonderful and inspiring meeting you through the bee although I still feel bad that it lead to you braking your shoulder. I wonder how the quilts from the next round will turn out.

  4. So glad you're doing better and can finish quilts now. This one turned out super cute. Love the touches everyone gave their row.

  5. What a wonderful blog post!! Such a lovely reminder of our fantastic bee, and the journey we all had, both literally and metaphorically!! Your finished quilt looks beautiful!!

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