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Siblings Together Quilting Bee - March Blocks

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Hello all!

March is my month to request blocks for this year's Siblings Together quilt drive from the ladies in our ST quilting bees group. I am so thankful and lucky to be a part of this fantastic cause.

As well as a couple of Bees, individual quilters across the land and beyond are making quilts for this year's camps where children separated by the care system come together and are gifted a quilt. Please visit the site and blog for more information and how you can help. 

I'm posting the instructions for my block here and it will also feature on the ST Quilting blog. Here are the instructions (note the high-tech designing ... NOT!): 

And here is my 18.5" finished block:

I decided to stay away from my favourite pinks and go with something a bit more colourful. You'll need a little bit of orange, blue, green and yellow fabric and some white background (I've used Makower scrolls and an embossed snowflake but any whites will do). 

Each of the 16 units are 5" before sewing so the HSTs will be cut at 5 and 3/4" and the four piece squares cut at 2 and 3/4":

Some Glinda preferences: I don't do random! So I'd like the colour order to be exactly the same as my block, please :) this will flow really nicely once all 12 blocks are sewn together. Also, if you don't mind, please press the seams open. 

Other than that, it's very straightforward, here are some more pics just to show how I put it together:

Thank you, ladies, you're all amazing xx

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  1. That will be nice when it's finished. Charity quilts are always appreciated and this is a great charity. Ive had to let go of my groups except for two in light of my newest 'project' : )

  2. Jen, what a wonderful organization to link up with. I love your block and especially the bright, cheery colours you've used.

  3. Such cute blocks. And you used my favorite designing tools.

  4. This is such a happy block, Jennifer! Love your choice of bright colours with the white background. Can't wait to see all your blocks coming in!


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