Saturday, 21 May 2016

Finished Siblings Together Quilt :)

9th April, I posted this on my IG feed:

I honestly came back in here to tidy up ... now I'm seeing #fabricscraps #stashbusting2016 for a boy's #siblingstogetherquilts #siblingstogether #quilt 💙 I need help 🙏🏻🤔😂

And so it continued. These 20 X 12.5" 'improv' blocks totally made from blue, black and grey fabric scraps were an absolute joy to make. There was no real rhyme nor reason to how they evolved but I tried not to cut into the scraps too much. So if I picked up a larger piece of fabric than I needed, I put it to one side until it was a perfect fit:

I used my walls and washi tape as a design wall:

... and decided to sash the blocks with red Makower Spraytime adding a friendship star at each joint:

Here it was before quilting: 

And all finished - about 55" X 65": 

Made two more blocks to accompany the perfect backing fabric I found online (thank you Fabric Guild for posting so quickly) 

And last night I finished hand sewing the binding and added the label:

This will be in the post on Monday. I really hope the young boy? who gets this at camp this summer enjoys the 3D 'crazy' quilt I've made him.

A reminder why I, and many others, support this fabulous charity

Linking up with Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts and Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict and the Siblings Together Quilt blog:

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Happy weekend X 


  1. honestly, you ladies that just have it "naturally" in you to put together something with "no real rhyme nor reason to how they evolved". It looks amazing. My version of "no real rhyme nor reason" would never look that way. You're just born with it, honey :)

  2. visiting from crazy mum quilts. Wow I love how the improve then turns into a more formal quilts. The red sashing is stunning

  3. It looks great. The sashing and backing fabric are such good choices. I have some smaller blocks going together like this in various colours - great inspiration for me to keep going. A very worthy cause too - I'm sure the recipient will love this.

  4. Beautiful quilt, and a wonderful cause! Whoop whoop!!

  5. This looks fabulous. I love this style of block. It especially looks good with the sashing. The little stars add the perfect touch. Congrats on a great finish for a good cause,

  6. Great post - you say it all so well

  7. Great quilt. Love the red sashing and little friendship stars - a good addition to a quilt gifted with love.

  8. A beautiful finish indeed and for such a worthy cause. You will have made someone very happy to know that they are loved. What a perfect quilty hug!

  9. Absolutely cuddle-able. You're amazing, making these fabby quilts for these kids. Wish there were an organization like this in the US - I could really get behind this sort of project! Maybe I should start one . . .

  10. Oh that one is just so great! I love making those kind of quilts - but your sashings add such a great pop!


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