Monday, 6 February 2012

Second finished quilt of 2012 .. yay!

For my sweet cousin, Lauren, in America. Using my Great-Aunt's fabrics (and only her 'Nama's' fabrics), I made her a rainbow quilt (lap-quilt 50" x 50").

As there was a little snow left after Saturday's fall, I thought it would be nice to take photos outside. But, in my haste to take photos before the afternoon light went, I dropped the camera and broke the screen ... I am such a clumsy wotsit!! It still took the photos, I just can't see them on the screen:

And the back was patched with what was left: some of the leftover pieces were lovely and large and I liked incorporating a bit of the HST design in the back. And look who sneaked into the photo ... the clue is in the scary eyes shining from the bottom left corner:

And my favourite bit of the whole process - the binding - kept my legs nice and warm last night as I quilted in front of the TV. 200" of binding hand sewn in under 2 hours. The free motion quilting was meandering / stippling (again) but I did it a bit smaller than usual. Gave me better control but used up 5 bobbins!

Going in the post tomorrow - "USA #2" is on it's way to Maryland ;) x

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