Wednesday, 29 February 2012

So sad ;(

I've been off work since getting back from Wales on Sunday which I didn't think I needed until I burst into tears 4 times a day ... every day - 5 times today but that's because my lovely friend from work came to visit with flowers! Sewing helps - REALLY helps, especially when I challenge myself so it takes all my concentration ... I made these little (10") cushions for my pbf's little baby girl out of her babygros. Cutting the jersey fabric wasn't as easy as cotton so I had to stabilise the fabric with vilene first but it worked out well in the end:

And then I decided to make my oldest best friend a Pants Bag but I wanted to try something different so I did some paper piecing:

Tricky to start with until you work out which bit gets sewn where and definitely takes longer than ordinary piecing so I'll have to finish this tomorrow.

I love my hobby ;)

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