Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Thankful Tuesday - isn't it nice to be appreciated?

It is so wonderful to be a quilter and a blogger! Firstly, I get to play with fabric and create pretty things - two years ago, I could barely sew a button on a shirt - then I get to blog about what I make (still getting to grips with that!) and, finally, people say thank you and other kind stuff.

I got a lovely email from my friend's Dad after he received the Pants Bag I made for him. He wrote:

Firstly thank you so very much for the lovely bag (for pants I am told). I think it is absolutely fab and so professional looking and I love the little tag you have put on the inside. Thank you! (then he wrote about the apartment which he'll be renting in Spain) ... Once again thanks ever so much for my lovely present.

Then, I was thrilled yesterday to read a comment on this post - my first ever comment - from Carla (at Bubble my Licorice, what a cute blog name) - she wrote: amazing post! your blog is lovely! - How sweet is she? :)

And to top it all off, my dear cousin left me a comment on this post!

Thanks for the thanks, everyone. Just what I needed as I am still feeling sooooooooo sad about my Dad ;(


  1. I just found your blog! I LUV your "Glinda" picture, btw. I am a "hopeless" Wizard of Oz fan!

    Isnt' blogging FUN??? You meet theee nyz-EST peeps!


    1. I LOVE Wizard of Oz too ... one of my all time favourite films. Thank you so much for leaving a comment - that takes me to 3 so far!! And for following me - I've returned the compliment ;)


I love reading all your comments, I know it takes time to write them but they make me smile so thank you for dropping by :)