Thursday, 20 December 2012

4 more little Christmas gifts :)

Anyone else feeling a little bit under pressure this week to get everything done in time? Yeah, me too! But am mightily relieved to have finished my nephews' Pants Bags:

And I made another one for a friend - not sure it will arrive in time for Christmas but am hoping she'll love it when it finally arrives:

Come back and visit me tomorrow: I've finally finished dear SIL's Amsterdam quilt ... YAY :)


  1. Love the pants bags... and can't wait to see the quilt!

  2. OMG!!! Jen, I received the lovely & thoughtful gift today! Almost made it for Christmas! That's right everyone...hate me 'cause you 'aint me....that lovely (pretty in pink) pants bag above it all MINE! I love it! Oh and I also loved the thoughtful card not to mention the 2 1/2 squares for my Epic Scrap Vomit Adventure! (which by the way, I have completed one of the queen sized vomit quilts). The scraps are just in time! I hope you & yours have a wonderful 2013! Love always, Tonya aka Crazy Mimi aka QT

  3. Crazy QT, you make me laugh out loud! And you are very welcome - have a great 2013 :)


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