Sunday, 6 January 2013

Meet Mutter :)

I have a bit of a fuzzy head today! Last night was my cousin Heather's 40th party and I must 'fess up - I may have add one G&T too many! 

My dear Mutter (did I tell you she's German?) has come to stay for a couple of weeks to see her family and look after Nell whilst we are skiing. She's 75 and such fun! Here she is all dressed up before we went out - last night for the Crimbo tree - that came down today :( 

Being a special birthday, we gave my cousin a bottle of pink champagne and I also made her a pink Pants Bag: 

Highlight of the evening? Bopping to The Nolans, I'm in the Mood for Dancing! Never heard of it? Then check it out:

It may be decades old but it still hits the spot at a party ... well, it does for me! Happy birthday, dear cousin Heather and thanks for the party - you rock x


  1. It must have been a fun party! I'm sure it's nice to have your mutter there. Sprechen sie Deutsch? :)

  2. Sounds like a great time! Makes you wish birthdays and holidays happened more often.

  3. I've never heard that song before, but I like it and see why that would be a great song at a party. Makes me want to dance. How nice to have your mutter there. Enjoy!


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