Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A little bit on my WIP ...

Just a little sewing tonight but it was lovely. Whilst measuring and cutting, pinning and sewing, pressing and thinking, I was listening to BBC Radio 2 at the Proms with Ken Bruce and Petroc Trelawny - presenting 'a treasure of British light music classics performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra live from the BBC Proms'. I loved it :)

I finished sashing my Swedish Quilt and am now onto the border. I have just done the one strip for now: 1) I ran out of time and 2) I haven't made my mind up about the other 3 sides yet :)

It won't be staying on the floor ... there's a little bundle of furry gorgeousness lurking in the loft!

Linking up to Lee @ Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday and checking out what everyone else is up to. 

Here are some of my favourites this week:

  • Stephanie @ Quarter incher has made a fabric box ... hmmmm :)
  • Liz @ Shush I'm Quilting is mixing up straight line and stipple quilting in her quilt - an idea for my Swedish Quilt, maybe?
  • Sarah @ Georgia Girl Quilts - who hasn't had much time for sewing because of a yard sale. My kind of girl - after all that hard work; it's got to be a bottle of beer!

Going to have to stop browsing now or me and the duvet will be fighting at 0530 when the alarm goes off!


  1. Blue and yellow is always so visually appealing. Very nice

  2. I can't wait to see the grand finish. This is one of my favorites ever. I'm still in love...

  3. I really like the border of blue. Very lovely!

  4. Very pretty! Will you get to work on it this weekend? Or maybe it is finished by now.... :)

  5. Aha! So this is what is known as a Swedish Quilt! Love your work sew far! The blue and yellow look great - love the contrast!


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