Sunday, 18 May 2014

At last! Size IS everything :)

Think I got this one right! I have FINALLY made an online purchase and got the sizing perfect!!

Remember the 'substantial' fat quarter shelf that turned out only big enough for holding threads:

And the 'large' scraps bin? Yes, just a bit bigger than my radio!

And let's not forget the 'HUGE' blanket chest:

Yes, as a quilter who should know her centimetres from her inches, I hang my head in shame! My recent online purchases, and my penchant for ignoring measurements and just going by the sellers' photos,  have given us much merriment. But at last, I got it right. This 'little' bookcase is EXACTLY what I wanted to hold our favourite cookbooks on the new (to us) kitchen table in the new house:

And a dear friend rescued me from daytime TV when I was off sick recently by taking me shopping!  And, no, I shouldn't be buying fabric at the moment but I couldn't resist this little Cath Kidston bundle ... am thinking with a wave of my wand, I can turn this into a great kitchen table cloth / runner and some napkins:

Even found a place for them, with the rest of the family!

She's an avid golfer so I'm going to turn these lovelies into a golf shoe / Pants Bag for her as a thank you:

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  1. I'm always measurement challenged too and purchased some blunders in the past too. Love your Cath Kidston fabric - would make great table decor.

  2. how sweet, jumping over from the stash report !

  3. Love the little bookcase! And the Cath Kidston fabrics will make wonderful bits for your kitchen. I'm drooling over your fabric stash!!

  4. You are too funny with the sizes!!! Glad to see the bookshelf turned out to be exactly what you wanted! Loved the goodies you picked up! The golf bag will make a perfect gift for your friend :-)

    ~ Jess ~
    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie

  5. Size does matter!!!! Great job. Are you moving soon? I have a post for you. Where should I send it? You know it will take a while to get across the pond....

  6. This is starting to remind of The Three Bears. At last you have made a purchase that was Just Right in size! Ha, ha, ha! Those new stash additions are sew pretty! Yes, and like Carla is asking... Shoot me an email if your address is changed. Please!

  7. A golf shoes bag is a wonderful idea! …….and that's exactly the same table as my kitchen table! (only yours is a lot less cluttered!)


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