Friday, 23 May 2014

Au revoir!

We're off to France tomorrow for a few days with our dear friends and their three wonderful daughters. I'm so looking forward to it. Lots of WW1 battlefields to tour and we're staying in a farmhouse in the Somme Valley. I haven't ever read much about the Great War so am expecting to learn a lot.

We had our dear niece and her fiancé visit us this week - it's almost rejuvenating being in the company of a couple of 24 year olds. We're very lucky they want to spend their precious days off with us 'old folk'! Or maybe it's just the hot tub they're keen on visiting :)

So no sewing to share with you. Not a jot. Nothing. But some exciting news ... the Strip Bee quilting retreat I was going to host - but had to cancel because of my accident the day before everyone was due to arrive - has been rescheduled! Yay! So stay tuned because there will be lots of sewing stuff to share very soon - can't wait to see the 6 different quilts we've made! 

And it will be the last lot of sewing in my lovely sewing room (loft) before we move house. I shall miss this room :( here's one of my aforementioned friend's wonderful daughters when she came to play last year:

Also, am really hoping my arm will continue to get stronger and I can get around to basting these lovelies when I get back. They're waiting patiently on my table:

Hope you have a great weekend ... à bientôt :)


  1. I hope that you will get a fine, nice sewingroom in your new house, Jen!
    Cause, the room you have now looks amazing!
    That window have provided you with lots of nice lights!

    As you know I like your quilttops and it will be nice to see them finished.

    Have a nice trip or as we would say in swedish: Ha en trevlig resa!

    Take care //Maja

  2. You have had a wonderful space with lots of memories, but think of all the memories you will make at your new place. I hope you have a wonderful room there. And have a fantastic time on your trip.

  3. Bon voyage! Hope the weather is good to you, and see you soon!!

  4. Have fun in France! It sounds wonderful. I'm sure you will have a great sewing space in your new house.

  5. Have a smashing - oops no, safe time in France!! Take pictures to share. I love your sewing room - it looks very nicely set up. I'm sure your new place will be great too once you get it all set up and add your personality to it. Another week and your arm should be that much better. Looking forward to seeing you bee groups quilts too!! Enjoy France!!!

  6. Ah, France, what a wonderful place to go. I must have had a will see. lol
    Have a great time. Hopefully a nice trip and fun with friends will get that arm back to sewing mode. I'm so glad you were able to get your retreat rescheduled.

  7. How nice it must be to hop on over to France for a weekend. It's like me going to, well, Montana or something. Not quite the same thing, I think.

    Have a lovely trip. Hope it's a gentle one on your arm too!

  8. Wishing you a wonderful holiday. Looking forward to seeing the quilts on your return. A new sewing room - how exciting!!

  9. Safe travels! Hope you have an amazing holiday. Looking forward to hearing about it when you return. Have fun!

  10. Have a wonderful trip - you deserve it! And my goodness you are really enticing us now with photos of your sewing room and hot tub; nothing will keep us away this time!!! x


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