Monday, 1 September 2014

Around the World Blog Tour ...

Even though I'm really not comfortable talking about me (would much rather talk about the quilting), when the lovely Maja over at Majas Paradis asked me to join in the Around the World Blog Tour, I couldn't say no :) 

Here's her post from last week - she is a very clever lady who makes beautiful scarves and quilts and bags - and I love the fact we are blogging friends. Will we ever meet for real? Who knows - she's in Sweden, I'm in the UK ... it could happen!

So here goes with the four questions, starting with - what am I working on?

Not much at the moment! It's been a crazy summer with a house move and seeing lots of family and friends - hasn't left me much time  to sew - I have a few quilts waiting to be basted but I need space, time and DH to help me - I would love to finish these soon:

My 'soldier's quilt':

My Strip Bee quilt:

My 'broken shoulder' quilt:

I started making another quilt yesterday - my first in months (because of the broken shoulder and house move!) This is going to be a simple quilt for my friend designed to go with the picture she sent me of her floor mat:

2) How does my work differ from others?

I'm not sure it does. When I started quilting 4 years ago, I looked at loads of blogs, Google images and read many magazines for ideas and inspiration. I do think my work has evolved - I'm willing to try most things (except curves and Y seams!) and when I look back at creating this quilt for my SIL, based on our holiday in Amsterdam, I'm amazed at how much I've learned:

But I also like the simplicity of this quilt (made for my Swedish friend's Mum):

I guess most of my work is tailor-made for the recipient, whether it's the colours or the design, so is very individual to them but not necessarily different from the work of other quilters.

3) Why do I write / create what I do?

Because I'd go mad if I didn't! And I have so many fabrics just dying to be turned into something, I know I shall never tire of this delightful hobby. I get so much enjoyment from being part of a special group of crafters. It gives me the most amazing rush when I can turn this:

into this:

I just know I would be totally bereft if I had to stop. The writing I wish I was better at but I keep trying so let's (all) hope I continue to improve!

4) How does my writing / creative process work?

It varies. I'll start with a person, a piece of fabric or an image and just wait a while and let it flow. It's never let me down. I love drawing my designs in a graph book and working out how much fabric I'll need, what fabrics to put together, adding as the idea evolves. I'm a very tactile person ... I could touch fabric all day long!

My writing is like me - honest and does what it says on the tin! Perhaps I'll take lessons ...

So that's me and I'm now nominating Jennie over at Porch Swing Quilts who is a Quiting Mom of 5 SuperWoman! Jennie designs delicious quilts and bags and is a great blogger too. Please check out her post next week (September 8th) I know I will :)

(I would have nominated more blogging friends but all my favourite people had already been asked! Check them out: Carla @ Creatin in the Sticks, Fran @ Patchy Rose, Amy @ A Quilting Sheep - such talented and generous ladies - I'm so thankful to have met you x )

Linking up with another fabby quilting friend - Lorna:

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  1. Only four years?
    I thought that you had been quilting "forever";-)

    I hope that your sholder will heal so that you can sew all you like without pain.

    I love your Amsterdam-Quilt.
    I think it´s fantastic!
    It seams that you always are up to something special!


  2. You haven't been at this very long! That surprised me. =) you are truly an inspiration to me and I love to see what you are creating. I am so very glad we are friends....

  3. I just love looking at your pictures. You will have time to finish these one of these days. Look at it this way, you can sign up for one of those UFO challenges and get them finished... that's a joke, you are supposed to laugh....
    You really do create lots of quilting eye candy and I love to read your blogging humor!

  4. I think I may have said this before but I love your Amsterdam quilt. We're hoping to take a trip there soon.
    We're all very lucky to have such a fabulous hobby.

  5. Oh, what a fab idea to make a quilt to match the rug! Can't wait to see the finished item :-)

  6. So glad you do write, Jennifer. Your posts and quilts are a delight! I am so lucky to have you for a friend!

  7. I'm pleased to meet you Jennifer. Congratulations on making so much and coming so far in just four years. I especially like your yellow and blue quilt, but I like the stately houses in Amsterdam too!

  8. it's great that you make quilts in different styles. I really love the Amsterdam one

  9. It's been lovely reading more about your quilting journey Jennifer, and you've learnt so much, your quilts are a delight! I do hope that life settles soon and that you can get back into quilting full swing. It would be a crime not to ;-)

  10. So fun to read your post and get to know you a little better. Your work is very diverse, I guess just like most of us out there. It really is so much fun to pull fabrics and pattern or idea for a specific friend. I had never seen your Amsterdam quilt - don't know how I missed that but I LOVE it! Hope your shoulder is getting better!


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