Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Pants Bag and a new ... DRAGON?!

Dear niece's fiancé had his birthday on Sunday so the obligatory family barbecue was organised! He's going to learn to drive so we gave him an IOU for a couple of driving lessons but a birthday boy has to have something unexpected to open, right? So I decided to make him a Pants Bag. 

Chris's football (soccer) team is Newcastle United (so, he's not perfect!) - here is their kit for this season:

Which gave me all the inspiration I needed. I used this fabric for the lining:

And here is the finished Pants Bag:

And the back, kindly photo-bombed by Nell:

He loved it! Poor Chris had to do his ice-bucket challenge on his birthday. I bet he'd 'scream like a girl' (I did when I did mine!) but he took it like a man - bless him:

And DH and SIL went shopping last week for chimney pots and bought a dragon roof finial! Have you ever seen such a thing?

Quite fitting really now we're living in Wales - the dragon is the most important symbol for the Welsh. It appears on our national flag (also called Ddraig Goch = red dragon), supposedly dating back as far as King Arthur (5th/6th century) and the oldest recorded use as a symbol for Wales dates back to 829AD! 

The minute he starts talking about 'the old Welsh Dragon', and looking in my direction, it's going straight back to the reclamation yard!

Linking up with Lorna and Heather and looking forward to more sewing when I get home tomorrow :)

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  1. I need a dragon! That is so awesome. And his pants bag turned out really well, as usual.

  2. Haha, The dragon is fantastic, and so are you😉 !
    Are you a Swansea fan, Jen?
    My team is Arsenal.
    I look at their games and knit at the same time.

  3. I love how you personalize the pants bags you make. And the dragon is awesome! Are you going to put it on your roof or keep it somewhere else?

  4. Best dragon ever! I'm not showing Hubby or we will end up with something similar (and we don't have the lovely house to match it!)

  5. Nice work on that birthday pants bag, Jennifer. I can see why Nell was interested... She matches the bag. P.S. About the dragon... You are so funny! Love that last line!

  6. Fab dragon! Great pants bag :-)

  7. Hey, What you sayin' about Newcastle! We lived there for a while and all my kids are ardent Toon supporters. I'm sure that pants Bag will be a prized possession.

  8. Cool pants bag and perfect for the Newcastle fan. That dragon is fantastic!

  9. No pictures of your ice bucket challenge??! You made a very special pants bag and it looks just right for Chris. I'm pretty sure "the old Welsh dragon" subject will never be in your crack me up.


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