Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy!

Yes, a happy quilter am I! I had a wonderful weekend of almost uninterrupted sewing which has made me so happy. I'm looking forward to this weekend too when I get home and start basting my 4th quilt in 3 weeks! 

I auditioned some fabrics for bed cushions for our bed:

I also started making cushions for Mum's new patio set. I used a Hera marker to show me where to quilt and a zig-zag stitch which I liked so much, I may use it on my next quilt instead of my favoured stippling. Hello Nell:

The binding is on my Siblings Together Quilt. I'm keeping the trimmed backing fabric for my next scrappy quilt and the excess batting for bag handles:

And a couple of orphan blocks from that quilt turned into a handy zipped pouch for my ID and railcards which always seem to get lost at the bottom of my handbag, followed by a 30 second crazy panic when I try to find them:

And my favourite part? More binding - 270" for my 144 HST quilt:

Will have some finishes to share on Friday! Linking up with Lorna and Lee @ Freshly Pieced.

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  1. I love the polka dot binding. I can't believe you've done four quilts in less than a month. I'm jealous.

  2. Is that the Scrapper's Delight pattern from Sunday Morning Quilts in your zipped pouch pics? I made a quilt from those, too! Such fun to use up lots of scraps that way. I may have to try a little pouch, too! I now want some polka dot binding - not to bind with, but just to sit around in my sewing room and look SO pretty!

  3. I love the pillowcase. Your bedding must be beautiful. The purple fabric all the way on the left looks like it was made to go with it!

  4. So much scrappy goodness. I love polka dot binding too, wouldn't it be fun in a scrappy collection of colours? Do you ever stitch your strips of batting together--I use the 3 step zigzag stitch on my machine, and make panels big enough for placemats or bags--about 14" x 20"

  5. Wow! Four in three weeks! You are on a roll. I know what you mean about fishing out the travel card; I now carry mine on a cord round my neck. Not the height of elegance, but always within reach!

  6. You are on a roll, my friend. I'm looking forward to seeing your finishes.

  7. uninterrupted sewing... Heavenly
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  8. Hope you get lots more done this weekend!

  9. I'm hoping I can join you from afar this weekend with lots of sewing. Pete is away and William amuses himself so no excuses. I'm glad you you reminded me about the Hera marker as I need to draw some straight lines for quilting and forgot about using mine.


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