Friday, 2 October 2015

Love, friendship, gratitude ...

I have a very special finish this week; extra special because of the wonderful friend I have made it for. We've been friends since 1996, having met through work. She introduced me and DH in 1998 so we have a lot to be thankful to her for. And because we love Judi so much, it was only fitting the quilt would feature a big heart.

If you've not been on this Robert Kaufman site, you should - lots of great patterns and the pixelated heart was perfect. Apart from the white background squares, all of the coloured fabric was from my stash (some of the fabric has been used in bags, Pants Bags and cushions Judi and her 3 gorgeous girls have had / made with me over the years.) I cut 225 X 4.5" squares but you could make them any size:

I now press my seams open all the time; I have also started to pin differently (after 5 years), I used to put one pin in the centre but now I pin either side of the seam and have found it gives me a much nicer finish: 

Lots of pins here:

And - keeping it real - we all make mistakes! Upside down pinning meant a bit of unpicking:

I'm still not fond of straight line quilting so I decided to stick with what I know:

Binding really is my favourite part of making a quilt - I know, crazy lady! I decided to stick to the same colour as the backing as there's enough colour in the heart:

And speaking of the backing, this panel was so fitting:

And the front - including DH's feet (bless him) - it's perfect:

And the label:

I am so grateful for our friendship, Judi, and I love you so very much xx

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  1. good for you for being willing to try new techniques even after 5 years! i need to improve my pinning. maybe the double pinning would work for me, too. have you tried the double-pronged pins for this? i bought them and have never used them. probably i should give it a go!

    what a memorable quilt you've made for your friend! it's sure to be cherished.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful; I'm sure your friend will be delighted with it. I love how scraps come together to make something gorgeous.

  3. We met in 1998 too, introduced by a friend I'd made at a patchwork and quilting evening class. I'm sure your friend will love her quilt.

  4. How delightful! and I love the back panel. There could not be a better gift for such a dear friend. Straight from your heart.

  5. This is truly a beautiful quilt. Both in intent and the finished product. I love the story behind your friendship and the quilt.

  6. Your quilt is gorgeous, what a lovely story behind it too!

  7. Your quilt is gorgeous, what a lovely story behind it too!

  8. Such a lovely quilt for your friend! The label is adorable too!

  9. Judi is very special but then so are you. I really like that heart design, it looks pretty easy but well worth cutting out all this squares. I especially like the backing panel. It does seem fitting for best friends!

  10. Hadn't realised how big the panel was on the back, so perfect. All choked up now.

  11. Lovely quilt!! Have looked at this one before and is definitely on my list to do. Your friend is going to be tickled. So nice to go through life with good friends.

  12. A gorgeous quilt for a beautiful friendship! You're lucky to have each other.

    And I think I might be able to handle this kind of scrappiness. Maybe. We'll see!

  13. What a precious gift!! And a precious friend. =)

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