Friday, 8 April 2016

Little finishes this week ...

I'm not sure what gives me more pleasure ... one big finish (like last week) or lots of little ones - who am I kidding? I LOVE ALL FINISHES EQUALLY!! 

I work and live in London in the week and then I am home (and sewing) Fri-Sun so just 3 days to get lots of things done. I try not to neglect DH and our families too much (I try!) but I do love to sew and make quilts so am often found in here:

Here are some of the things I've finished in the last week or so and shared on my Instagram including a couple of 'flat-bottomed' cosmetic bags:

And I finally got around to making Kelly @kelbysews 'one hour basket' and I am now addicted!! The prototype was to made to plan: 

Then I went on to make two smaller ones:

And I made this little lap quilt (30" X 30") for my special Aunt last weekend for her birthday:

She's special for lots of reasons but she bought me my Juki back when I started quilting in 2010, which was an amazing gift and a leap of faith - I had no previous sewing experience and no idea how important quilting would become to me. My darling Juki and I have worked really well together since then and she has definitely helped me produce all of my loveliness (thanks again, Aunty G xx).

The cat block was totally inspired by Elizabeth Hartman and I just worked out fabric sizing to fit my own measurements. DH helped choose the Makower Spraytime shades for each of the four cats and the background fabric is by Robert Kaufman:

And it came together really quickly. My default is meandering / stippling free motion quilting and it took less than one bobbin and no time at all:

The backing fabric was gifted to me in 2012 by one of my first quilty blogging friends, Tonya, and I had held on to it all this time because it was 'too nice to use' - do you do that too?! 

Labelled 'NOONIES' as Aunty G and her adorable cat, Bonnie, have an afternoon nap most days where Bonnie cuddles up on Aunty G's lap:

What will you be working on this weekend? I'll be working on this quilt for my nephew (and probably lots of other things):


  1. Thanks for popping in and for your comment. Lovely that you're following my blog too. You really do seem like me as I always have so much on the go, small and large projects. I'm lucky to be retired and not flipping back and forth London to Wales, like you.
    I love to see something made each day if I can.
    Have a good weekend,

  2. What wonderful projects! do you ever keep your sewing space so neat? Mine is looking a bit desperate I'm afraid. Time for some spring cleaning here I think.

  3. Love that backing fabric. No wonder you held onto it for so long!

  4. Fabulous as always. I particularly love the cats.

  5. Great work, you've achieved a lot! I've got a cot quilt to finish, with the binding sitting waiting to be put on but I am fast running out of weekend hours...sigh! maybe next week!

  6. Those kitties are just the cutest and the backing fabric is purrrr-fect for them! Your aunt will be sure to love this sweet gift. The chevron quilt in the works is quite striking. Looking forward to following your progress!

  7. Your little finishes are so inspiring. I want to try making some of those baskets.

  8. You are a great inspiration to me!
    Love your work, instagram and your blog!


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