Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Scrap busting / stash using ... c'mon!

Last year, I made this quilt for the Siblings Together charity quilt drive all from scraps (except the sashing):

... and I STILL had zillions loads of scraps left over. So, when I got my new ironing / sewing room table, I bought some baskets to house most of the scraps:

On Saturday, I made a mess in my sewing room ... yes, really! So, after dinner, I went back in just to tidy up (honest!) and put some scraps in the baskets:

But then I got to thinking - what if I made a boy's quilt for Siblings Together from scraps?! And that was that ... before going to bed, I had decided on making improv blocks - 12.5" so reckoned 20 blocks should do it and I started:

By bedtime on Sunday, I had made all 20 blocks! They were a dream to make and I tried not to trim the scraps too much and just looked at each block as it formed to see what strip would go where next:

Did I tell you I was a messy quilter?!

I don't have a design wall but I do have cream walls and washitape:

And today, I started to add some sashing:

I think this will be a great quilt for a boy / young man. Linking up for the first time with Nicky at Scraptastic Tuesday.

Scraptastic Tuesday


  1. I can relate to being a messy quilter =) I love the tiny stars where the red strips meet. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt at some point.

  2. Such a great idea. The red sashing looks perfect. Thinking I may try this too,. My scraps aren't as co-ordinated as yours though.

  3. You are on a roll! Love the cornerstones. Such a brilliant idea!

  4. I love your ironing table. I'm on the lookout for one for my new craft room. I also love your blocks. The red sashing really makes the blue pop.

  5. Yay I love it! Some lad will too I'm sure! Thank you on behalf of Siblings Together and for linking up to #scraptastictuesday! First of many I hope!


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