Friday, 2 November 2012

Farmers Wife Fabby Friday (4)

Or not so fabby this week ... grrrrrrrr! Block #47 (Homemaker) was on my list of 6 blocks to make this week and I just could NOT do the 'y' seam. I have sewn one before but this feels somewhat different - almost like there's an extra seam in there ... anyway, it was beyond my limited sewing skills so I put it to one side (for now) and found a substitute :) Here are my 6 blocks this week (which takes me to 24):

First up, #31 Evening Star

#40 Friendship Block

#56 Maple Leaf

#58 Mother's Dream

#71 Puss in the Corner

#109 Windows

And all 6:

And Nell ... double grrrrrrrr - like she couldn't have sat off my blocks?

Do you have a favourite this week? 

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  1. Very pretty blocks! Why is it that the cats always have to sit on something you'd rather they didn't sit on..... mine do the same thing!


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