Saturday, 10 November 2012

Farmer's Wife Fabby Friday (5)

I'm so happy I got my 6 blocks done this week (even if a day late - though, who's counting?) so I'm now at 30 ... only 20 to go if I stick to my original plan. I'm still enjoying making them but these little blocks with all the tiny pieces are very time consuming - don't you think? 

First up #72 Railroad:

#81 Snowball:

#98 Waterwheel:

#102 Whirlpool:

#103 Whirlwind:

#108 Windmill:

And all 6:

I also finished Marisa's quilt back, the label and binding so with DH's help, we'll be basting after church tomorrow then I'll be quilting it in the afternoon ... yay!!

Hope you've had a good day too :)


  1. Wow they all look great, but I love the windmill block the best. It looks easy and maybe a future quilt for me. Like I need another one. LOL

    Have fun quilting!!
    blessings, jill

  2. Oh Glinda, I absolutely love the colors. You have accomplished a lot!

    By the way I tagged you in a bloggers game.
    Happy Day!

  3. I'm still impressed you can do 6 a week! I'm finding some of the blocks with tons of pieces take me forever!! Love your colours.

  4. Thanks Wens, not sure I'll find the time this week to even make 1 and I do pick my 6 based on what time I have so I'm starting to run out of the 'easier' ones :(

  5. I love the pink and green combination. Very pretty!


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