Thursday, 22 November 2012

Farmer's Wife Fabby Friday (6)

Am I late or early? Well, I didn't get any blocks made last week :( but I have finished this week's a day early :) and it's Friday somewhere in the world!! Happy Friday, Australia!

These 6 little beauties came together quite quickly this week, though they still are a bit fiddly and you really must keep looking at the picture in the book as you sew all the pieces together - its so easy to assume you know the position and then you crack on under your own speed ... Oops, thank goodness for a seam ripper, hey?!

So, here are my latest 6 blocks (now up to 36 ... yay!) #4 Basket Weave - got to be the easiest block in the book and it still went skewiff - look at the 'wonkiness' of the top left square - oh well,  one saying I'll definitely take from making this quilt - 'it's good enough': 

#5 Bat Wing:

#9 Box:

#15 Buzzard's Roost:

#23 Country Farm:

#29 Economy:

 And all 6:

I think my favourite this week is #23 ... what's yours?

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  1. I like 23, too. It's an adorable star with a nice detail in the center! I also like #9, the box, but if there were many I might feel dizzy looking at them. ;-)

    I was scrolling through your other posts in google reader and looked at your other Farmer's Wife blocks. They are adorable but some look complicated. I admire anyone who makes a Farmer's Wife quilt!

    Did you find someone to explain how to do the Y-seam? I wish I could help but I've never sewn a y-seam before.


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