Saturday, 16 February 2013

Brrrr and Grrrr but Yay!!

Brrrr it was very cold this week - too cold for me to brave the sub-zero loft (that's where my sewing room is) so Grrrr for not getting any sewing done after work :( 

It was that cold, Nell found a new bed for the week ... On, yes on the satellite box - I guess the motor is warm on her belly ... bless her:

But Yay, nay double Yay, shout it out YAY for today - warmer weather, no work and a deadline so I did a little bit of sewing this afternoon :)

A friend from church is having a fundraising 'bunny-cuddling' day next week and asked me if I would make a Pants Bag for the raffle. I think we can do better than that so here is a cushion and a Pants Bag :)

I 'fussy cut' 4 squares, each featuring a different bunny, and picked out the purple and orange from their coats for the sashing and border:

I hope they like them - and good luck to Joy, I hope you have a great day and pray that the homemade cake selling, cuddling bunnies and all their raffle prizes raise lots of funds for the Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice ... sorry I have to work and can't be there to help.


  1. That is an adorable pants bag!! I've not seen that fabric before, how cute :-)

  2. Hospice is a wonderful option for some people . Good on you.

  3. Love the bunny fabric - the pants bag and cushion are beautiful.

  4. Beautiful, I hope they raise lots of money. So nice of you to make and donate the raffle prize
    Cheers pauline


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