Tuesday, 5 February 2013

From zero to three :)

Ok, I wasn't quite this bad on Saturday but I did feel a little anxious that I didn't have a new project to start on! Apart from my Farmers Wife Quilt, I have no UFOs and no WIPs and I wrote a little post here about needing some inspiration.

Bless you, Karen (@ Small Town Quilter) who quickly commented: 'Enjoy your day - I'm sure you'll think of something to make in no time! No UFO's? I could send you some of mine!'

That made me smile and, of course, she is so right. I did think of something to make almost immediately. Karen, had you won my Giveaway, I would have made you a pink Pants Bag - I know you really wanted one - so here is one hot off the sewing machine made in pink just for you and on its way to Iowa (as soon as you email me your address!):

I hope you like it! I have been drooling looking at all the Scrappy Quilts on blogs and Flickr for a while so these were my inspiration for the design and big thanks to Bonnie @ Quilt Ville  for her great tutorial which made it so easy :)

And I remembered thinking when I made my USA cousins their lapquilts that when I had the time (I have soooooo much fabric still leftover!) I would make them each a matching Pants Bag. As cousin June got her quilt last, she can have her Pants Bag first:

And my friend at church is having a bunny cuddling day and asked me if I would donate a raffle prize. Well, how could I refuse? So a little purchase today:

I will turn this either into a cushion or bag ... or maybe both!

So from zero ideas to three projects - two down one to go ... and it's only Tuesday!


  1. Good for you, Jennifer, to rest a bit then pick up steam and begin! I love the pants bags.

  2. Oh my goodness, the pants bag is beautiful! Thank you so much!

  3. Love your pants bags, makes me smile :-)


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