Wednesday, 27 February 2013

WIP or just an IIMH?

When does a work in progress officially qualify as a WIP? If you've gone beyond researching and thinking - is it now more than just an idea in my head (IIMH - I'm inventing a new acronym!!) or do I have to start an actual activity e.g. cutting or sewing for it to be a bona fide WIP? 

I won this delicious Moda jelly roll (Me and My Sister) from Carla's giveaway (thanks again, m'dear) and unwrapped it today! Would you take a look at all that gorgeousness:

I leafed through my library of books and found ths one:

I flicked through the pages and have decided to make this quilt:

So, is this now a WIP?

Well, just in case the QP come a looking, here's a definite, stone-bonker, real deal WIP ... just got to hand sew the back of the binding on this little lapquilt:

And, whilst I'm here, let me share a little finish I made this evening for Pam at work who's celebrating her birthday this weekend. A single lady, I thought this fabric to be most appropriate ... I hope she finds it funny too :D

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  1. What a lovely jelly roll! I've never bought one, despite having a similar book to you!

  2. Your jelly roll is really pretty - it will make a nice quilt. If you consider it a WIP - even if it is just in thought at this point, then I would say it truely is a WIP. I absolutely love the "how to get a husband" fabric. Too funny!

  3. I love Idea In My Head. Excellent acronym. Like the pants bag too, v cute. and LOVE the lap quilt. Those fabrics together are very soothing. Go you!

  4. What a fun bag! And your quilt is lovely.

  5. The bag is totally fun! I love the fabric and the quilts. Keep up the great job!

  6. Cute bag! I have the same jelly roll book - will look forward to seeing Stormy Weather. That is one of my favourites from the book.


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