Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Cushions ... do you love them too?

I haven't started sewing the binding on dear niece's table mats and runner yet:

... but I couldn't stop looking at the fabrics she chose for her cushions so I've made a start on them!

So, out of two fat quarters and a 1/2 yard, she's getting two 18"x18" cushions for her bedroom and I worked out the measurements for a very simple 5 x 5 pattern:

You can easily get 50 x 4" squares from this amount of fabric but I did check before cutting using Robert Kaufman's quilt helper App. I kept the pattern close by and STILL had to unpick two rows when I sewed the wrong squares together:

I always press my seams after sewing to seal the stitches - do you?

And pin - do you?

And very quickly, one cushion top finished and ready to be quilted. I love this padded square that DH made me, sits perfectly on my ironing board and makes ironing large pieces so much easier:

You don't have to press the horizontal seams open but I like to:

And this fabric was in my stash, which matches up very nicely, and will be great for the cushion backs:

Nine days before we visit dear niece and I hand over all of this loveliness - best I get a move on!

Linking up with Meg and Heather and looking forward to their Holiday Tutorial Series which starts tomorrow ... like I need to add any more projects to my ever growing list!

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  1. The cushion is fab. And what a great idea about your ironing board extension - I need one!!

  2. Lucky niece! Shouldn't you teach her to sew?!?

    1. What a lucky niece. Your cushions will be lovely. I like to press as I go too. Your hubby did a great job on the ironing pad.

  3. I love that iPhone app too. Even if you've worked out the measurements yourself, it's nice to have some reassurance, and yes, I set my seams and pin too. I've been experimenting with seam pressing and I'm becoming quite a fan of pressing them open

  4. Nice!! Yes, I set my seams and also pin. I think it helps a great deal. I also have the Robert Kauffman phone app and use it quite often. Lots of loveliness for the niece and I'm sure she will love it all!!

  5. I do set the seams, but I rarely pin. I am too impatient!! Huge character flaw.

  6. Great cushion! Very jealous of the ironing pad I could really do with one of those...you should see my ironing board! I press and pin and like to press open the seams if my measurements are a bit short...every mm helps!!


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