Friday, 22 November 2013

Finished quilt for charity :)

This evening, I finished my quilt for the charity Macmillan Cancer Support. Please read this post for the story. Did I really start this just 2 months ago? Looking back, this is what I wrote: 

I scare myself sometimes ... with my unfailing blind faith that I can look at a pile of fabric, think of an idea, draw a rough pattern (and I mean rough!) and start cutting and sewing with an absolute certainty it will all work out in the end. I really am the eternal optimist * sigh *

Well, my optimism paid off! From this 'original design':

I have to agree with many bloggers (other than our friends down under) that this is a terrible time of year to photograph quilts, so forgive me, these were taken in my loft / sewing room and the light wasn't great:

The front and back, this finished at 50" x 50":

I straight line quilted a 1/4" around the blocks (still rubbish at this!) and originally tried pebbles in the butterflies but that was a disaster! Unpicked and went for a squiggly free motion quilted thing with antennae. Thirteen butterfly blocks - six knots in each to bury = 78, which was about an hour's work:

Definitely the part of quilting I would happily forego ... perhaps I can teach DH! Now there's an idea :) 

And the label:

What's extra nice is that the fundraising event isn't until January so I've finished with time to spare. I hope it raises lots of money for this very worthy charity and that whoever wins it loves it :)

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  1. What a great quilt! I love blue and yellow together. Nice job on the quilting. i hope you had some self-threading needles on hand to make burying those threads a little easier!

  2. Love, love , love this design! I hope Macmillan raise a lot of money with it. Can you share how you make your label?

  3. This is so cute! Great job :-)

  4. This is so beautiful and is perfect to raise a lot of money for the charity. You are so great at designing patterns and picking out colors. You even came out of your comfy free motion box and did some straight line. You nailed the quilting for this one. It was well worth all that know tucking because it fits perfectly. I want to know how you made that lovely label. Great finish, my friend.

  5. You definitely get a woop woop!

  6. I love the blue and yellow together and your work is beautiful. Nice!

  7. Lovely quilt - I'm sure it will raise a lot of money for the charity!

  8. Beautiful!! Yellow and blue is such a nice combination. I do not like to bury my knots but something that has to be done to have a nice result. I definitely think you should teach hubby!! I think you did a fine joy on your straight line quilting. It'll get better with practice and I'm sure you'll be making more quilts to practice on. :) Have a great weekend Jen.

  9. I love how you used the printed and pieced butterflies. It is truly beautiful.

  10. Wow Jen, I take my eye off the ball for 1 minute and you have managed a mountain of quilting...fantastic!! Love this quilt, it's beautiful. (I agree with you on the pebbles def one to practise for me).


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