Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sunday stripping!!

No, not me - that would be a shocker! But I have started (and finished!) the last strip on our Strip Bee Quilt. 

Last Summer, organised by Maria, 6 of us joined the Strip Bee Quilt-a-long. This was my first strip:


and Julie's:

We then passed them on for the next person to add a strip and so on. Next week we're all meeting up for the weekend (am hosting and attending my first quilt retreat!) where we'll hand over the completed quilts. We have no idea what our quilts look like as we've only been allowed to post snippets along the way. 

So here's a sneak preview of the fabrics I've used to complete Amy's quilt:

I've not used Kona ash and charcoal before - very dramatic ... might just have to use them again.

Now for some more stripping ... lots of beds to be cleaned and made!


  1. I can't wait to see them all finished! Exciting :-)

  2. That sounds like fun! And from what you are showing, it will be a beautiful quilt.

  3. I hope we get to see pictures of the finished quilts! A strip bee sounds like such a fun idea. Maybe I'll suggest it at guild once we finish our "whisper blocks".

  4. Can't wait! So excited about just meeting up, I forget I'm actually getting a quilt too!!

  5. Oh those fabrics are gorgeous! I loved using the Kona Charcoal too :-)) So very excited about the weekend, it's going to be SO much fun xxxx

  6. I long to see the finishes!
    This looks like real fun!!!

  7. Haven't check in online for a while and you have been busy!! Upcoming quilt retreats, house showings, pants bags, soldier quilt just about completed and stripping! That's a lot for a gal!! Love the idea of the strip quilts and love that they are all so diverse. Am loving the colours and fabrics you picked out for Amy's quilt. If I was you, I would be so excited to see the finished product. Have fun at your 'retreat', Jen.

  8. Can't wait to see them all completed, apart from quilting of course, almost forgot we have to do that!
    It's so kind of you to have us all.
    I finished my last strip today.

  9. Yay! Can't wait to see them all. How's you have a lovely retreat!

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