Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What's on my table?

Lots of house viewings since last week and a good offer but no sale yet ... it has only been a week so we're not worried. I got a bit of sewing done over the weekend but certainly I'm feeling unproductive compared to my usual outputs :(

I have finally added a border to my soldier's quilt and made the back, so if DH and I can baste this this weekend, I may even get it quilted:

Next weekend I'm hosting a 'quilt retreat' for our Strip Bee quilters  - I have previously made Fran and Julie a Pants Bag so felt it was only right that the other three ladies had a Pants Bag too to transport their 'pants' in when they come to stay! Here's all three together:

For Maria (pinks and blues):

For Amy: (aqua and pale blue):

For Sarah: (pinks and purples):

They'll be in the post tomorrow, ladies! Very excited to host the weekend, promise to take lots of pictures of our weekend and the finished strip quilts.

And one more thing on my table - I participated in a low volume charm swap around Christmas. Here are the 56 x 5" squares I received:

But I just haven't been hit by the inspiration fairy to know what to do with them. So, yesterday, I laid them out with different fabric choices from my stash:

My thinking is to keep it simple, maybe  a 10 x 10 lap quilt using one extra colour ... or more than one? What would you do? All ideas gratefully received :)

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  1. Congrats on getting that border on. (I usually procrastinate borders.) Your bags are so cute, and I personally like the green with the low volume fabrics. But as my dad likes to say, "Free advice is worth what you pay for it." LOL. I hope you have a blast at your retreat. :D

  2. Love how that soldier quilt is turning out!

  3. It looks like you've got quite a bit done there! The soldier's quilt is lovely. I like the green with the low volume fabrics. Whatever you decide, it will be great!

  4. A quilt retreat? What a treat! I just know you girls will have a great time! And what lovely pants bags you are gifting this week. That orange/coral piece really pops against those low volume squares. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  5. Funnily enough, I really like the plain cream with the low volume! It brings a different slant. Having said that, I'm right now sitting in the one I made, and the overall effect is quite creamy/yellowy, more so than you would think when you look at the individual squares. If you decide on a feature colour, it needs to be quite strong, even some of my pinks don't stand out that much...

  6. Love the LV charms. They might look cute all by themselves. Or with pink . Everything looks good with pink ;-)

  7. I think I would use multiple colors. I like the orange, but if it's going to be used for almost half the quilt... that's a lot of orange. Maybe add in some of the floral white as well? It's got a similar low volume feel.

  8. Oh my goodness I've only just seen this and I just LOVE my pants bag!! Oh you are just the sweetest, I can't wait to receive it and put it to use next week! I'm so excited about our meet up, it's going to be so much fun! Love your solider quilt and the low volumes are beautiful xx

  9. Cute bags for the ladies. Everyone can use a bag all the time it seems and who doesn't love one made specially for a person. Great job. I like the four colors-orange, avocado, cream and the print. Good thing my opinion doesn't matter !~! Have a great Sunday.


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