Saturday, 1 March 2014

Happy St David's Day :)

Spring is here! I finished this quilt at 11:55pm last night - so, officially a February quilt completed on the last day of Winter! And photographed outside in the morning sunshine on St David's Day, who is the patron saint of Wales. 

Here are some of my favourite Welsh things:

And tonight's tea? Cawl, a lamb and vegetable broth:

The Welsh language is beautiful and unique, and the national anthem is one of the best (well, I would say that!) and whenever I hear it sung at a rugby match, it gives me goosebumps:

The longest Welsh word - the name of a village on the island I grew up on (and I can say it!) is:

And one of the funniest Welsh words is Popty Ping! Popty is the Welsh word for oven so can you guess what a Popty Ping is?!

Here's my finished quilt. Made for Saffron who will be one in April:

Happy birthday dear Saffron or, as we say in Wales - Penblwydd Hapus :)

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  1. The food looks delicious, and Saffron's quilt is beautiful! And I have no idea what a Popty Ping is!

  2. Another beautiful finish, Jen. And I loved reading about your home where you grew up. It is fascinating.

  3. Dydd gŵyl Dewi hapus! I hope you enjoy your cawl. Another hit with my daughter...she loves the backing :) I didn't know you grew up on Anglesey. How old were you when you left?

  4. Thanks for the Welsh education! I hope Saffron enjoys her quilt!

  5. I to have to say:
    -Thanks for the Welsh education!
    The only thing I know about Welsh is the fantastic, beautiful horses and the soccerteam Swansea comes from your
    part of the land!
    Popty Ping, sounds funny and think it is some kind of pudding made in the oven;-)
    Hope you had a Happy St David´s day!
    And I´m sure that Saffron will love her quilt!

  6. What a cute quilt! Somehow it conveys the colours of saffron too... Sure she will love it.

  7. Love, love, love the quilt! There's something about simple squares that I find so relaxing and that makes me happy. It took me a moment to see the red/pink "S", but what a brilliant idea!
    Mmmn, Popty Ping? Is it oven timer?

  8. Popty ping? Has a nice ring to it. Must be something coming out of the
    That quilt is the cutest. Such a beautiful gift. I love the fabric you used on the back as much as the S on the front. Great work, my dear.

  9. What a gorgeous quilt! I didn't know you are Welsh. Where are you from? My dad is half Welsh, so I'm 1/4 Welsh, and my grandparents and other family live in South Wales so we visit once or twice a year! We shall have to compare notes soon. Oh and by the way my family are Rugby mad!!!

  10. I'm holding on to the coming of spring, but right now I'm looking out my window at a heavy snowfall predicted to accumulate 5-8 inches.....again. I love the quilt and the info about St. David's day.

  11. I have so enjoyed ready about St. David's Day and your Welsh heritage. What an interesting language the Welsh language is. Your quilt is very cute for little Saffron. I especially like the backing. Popty Ping - perhaps 'oven door'?? I had some welsh cakes in my freezer that a friend made for me a while ago so I had a couple for breakky today to celebrate St. David's day with you. Happy spring!!

  12. I'm absolutely gob-smacked! I can't even begin to figure out that village's name. No idea what a Popty Ping is either.

    But I do speak quilt, and your latest finish is gorgeous!


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